Mother’s Day Agamograph

Mother's Day Agamograph

Why not give a agamograph instead of a Mother’s day card? This fun mother’s day craft will entertain kids of all ages.

Let them color in the agamograph, fold it and gift it to the best mom out there.

Instructions included.

Night and Day Agamograph

Night and Day Agamograph

Night and day theme (or sun and moon) is a perfect one to be explored through an agamograph.

Print out the agamograph (two versions and instructions are included), and let the kids color and fold it. Once folded the picture will switch from day to night, from sun to moon, as you move it left and right (or you move around it).

Night and Day Agamograph

Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph

Explore the life cycle of a butterfly with this fun no prep craft. Print out the agamograph template (best on cardstock) and let the kids color it in. Once they are done coloing it, let them cut it out. Last but not least comes the folding part – kids need to fold along all the parallel lines (make an accordion). All done.

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph

Learning about life cycles can be hard, but this ladybug agamograph is here to help.

It shows 4 stages of the ladybug life cycle and it’s a wonderful no prep activity that can just as easily be done in the classroom as in the home.

Print the template, let the kids color it and fold.

Father’s Day Agamograph

Father's Day Agamograph

Celebrate all the wonderful dads with this simple Father’s day craft agamograph.

Let the kids color in the agamograph, then cut it and fold it for fathers to enjoy.

This is a no prep activity which makes it a great classroom craft.

Father's Day Agamograph

Spring Agamograph

Spring Agamograph

Explore the seasons of the year with the help of agamographs. This agamograph is all about spring. Color the flower and the butterfly as well as the frog and watch the pictures change as you move the agamograph left and right.

Printable instructions included.

Spring Agamograph

Valentine’s Day Agamograph

Two pictures in one, that’s what agamographs are all about. Why make Valentine’s day cards when you can make a fun 3d project like this one.

Two versions are included as well as a set of printable instructions to guide your kids or your students through the process of making one.

Back to School Agamograph

Make the first day of school memorable with this no prep Back to school craft.

Print out the template and hand it out to your students along with their favorite coloring supplies (crayons and markers both work out well). Have them color in the template, cut along the agamograph outline and fold along all of the parallel lines.

As they change the viewing angle two pictures will show – one with an apple and one with a pack of crayons.

Summer Agamograph

Celebrate summer with a summer agamograph. This fun no prep activity is perfect for summer break, just print it out and offer it to the kids along with their favorite coloring supplies.

Once they are finished with the coloring, let them cut out the rectangle outline and fold along all of the parallel lines.


Fall Agamograph

Celebrate fall (or autumn) with this no prep fall craft. Print out the template and offer the kids a variety of coloring supplies.

Once the agamograms are colored, cut along the outline and fold along the parallel lines. And it’s done.

Four Seasons Agamograph

Explore the changing of the seasons with this fun craftivity!

Print the 4 seasons agamograph template, have the kids color the seasons and fold the agamographs. You can also stick the two agamographs together.

This project can be done individually, with each child completing the project on their own, or in pair with each of the kids preparing two of the seasons.

Easter Agamograph

This fun easter craft is one of the best boredom busters. Have the kids color in their agamographs, fold them and enjoy the images changing.

This Easter agamograph features an Easter bunny as well as a basket full of Easter eggs.

Halloween Agamograph

Halloween agamograph

This wonderful Halloween craft is a great activity for both classroom and to make at home.

Print out the template, have the kids color in the illustrations, cut the agamograph and fold it along all the parallel lines (making mountain and valley folds).

As you move the agamograph left and right, changing the viewing angle, two pictures will appear.

Halloween agamograph

Cat and Dog Agamograph

Cat and Dog Agamograph

This dog and cat agamograph makes a great addition to your pets unit study. Whether your students are fans of cats and dogs this agamograph caters them all.

Print out the template and instructions, let the kids color in their agamograph and fold it. Once complete, they will be able to enjoy the images changing as the kids change the looking angle.

Cat and Dog Agamograph

Winter agamograph

Winter agamograph

If you are working on the 4 seasons, do add this winter craft to your lesson plan.

It’s a quick and easy activity for kids to make (two different versions are included). Let the kids color their agamographs as they see fit, assemble them and enjoy the changing images.

Winter agamograph

Christmas Agamograph

Christmas Agamograph

Instead of sending a Christmas card this year, why not surprise your close ones, or your student’s families with a clever little agamograph.

This Christmas craft is a no prep activity, all that’s needed is a printed template, scissors and coloring supplies (and glue if you go with the version 2 of the template). Quick and fun.

Christmas Agamograph