Printable Bookworm Mask Template

This Printable Bookworm Mask Template is a great activity to welcome your kids back to school. If you need a no prep back to school craft, this one is certainly it.

This educated little worm is also great at the end of the school year.

The mask comes both as a full color mask and as a bookworm coloring page mask template that kids can color in how they see fit. Make the worm green, blue, red, yellow or any other color that the kids deem it to be.

Printable Bookworm Mask Template

Back to School Agamograph

Make the first day of school memorable with this no prep Back to school craft.

Print out the template and hand it out to your students along with their favorite coloring supplies (crayons and markers both work out well). Have them color in the template, cut along the agamograph outline and fold along all of the parallel lines.

As they change the viewing angle two pictures will show – one with an apple and one with a pack of crayons.