Printable Hedgehog Bookmarks

Hedgehog Printable Bookmarks

This bookmark is perfect for all hedgehog lovers. You’ll find two versions of the bookmark, one already colored and one in black and white that needs to be colored.

Both will make a great present for family members that can be made both at home or in school.

Hedgehog Printable Bookmarks

Printable Fox Bookmarks

There are two versions of this bookmark, one that is colored and one black and white for children (or adults) to be colored.

Printable Vampire Bookmarks

This will make the perfect party favor at your Halloween party or a beautiful little gift at a Halloween class party. There are two versions of this bookmark set, one colored and one black and white, where children can let go of their creativity and color their vampires.

Leave them as they are or (grown ups only) cut along the fangs for the bookmark to take a bite on the page.