Alphabet Watches

Let your kids embark on an exciting journey of alphabet discovery with these charming printable alphabet watches designed to enhance alphabet recognition and letter identification skills in students. Transform learning into a crafting adventure covering all letters from A to Z.

Whether you’re focused on the letter of the week or a comprehensive review; these watches add an interactive and enjoyable element to the process.

Printable in a convenient four-to-a-page format for each letter, perfect for the classroom or with four different letters in one sheet for your homeschool needs.

There are 3 different designs included, use them all or just the one that fits your needs most;

  • one with the watch face featuring an image of an object or an animal that begins with the sound you are focusing on and with letter outlines on the straps
  • the next one with lower and upper case letter on the watch face and with beginning sound images on the straps
  • one with upper case and lower case letters on the watch face and letters to trace on the straps

Elevate your alphabet activities with this fun alphabet craft, transforming the learning experience into a dynamic and memorable educational adventure.

Printable Halloween Paper Bracelets

Printable Halloween Bracelets

It’s trick or treat time! This fun printable Halloween paper bracelets will be a hit at your classroom Halloween party or a great after school project to do with your kids at home.

The whole set has 8 characters – a vampire, a witch, a ghost, Frankenstein’s monster, bat, black cat, a jack o lantern and a pumpkin. All of the characters come in both full color and in black and white templates that kids can color in themselves. Instructions included.

A great Halloween activity to do with kids and a fun party favor if you are throwing a Halloween party for the kids. cPrintable Halloween Bracelets for Kids to Make

Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Frankenstein created the Frankenstein’s monster and although that particular monster looked pretty scary that can not be said for this wonderful set of Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet. These are a great Halloween craft for kids to make, either at school or at home.

The bracelet template comes in two sizes so it’s suitable for a large age span of children. It comes in both pre-colored and black and white version for kids to color in.

Printable Frankenstein Paper Bracelet

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet

Ghost Paper Bracelet

Throwing a Halloween classroom party or just want a fun little project to do with your kids at home. Print our ghost paper bracelet and make this easy craft.

This printable template comes in two sizes, so it’s suitable for many ages. Both color and black and white version available too.

Printable Ghost Paper Bracelet

Printable Bat Paper Bracelet

An easy bat printable craft – perfect for a Halloween crafting session or a project just for fun at any other time of the year.

The printable bat paper bracelet comes in two sizes so it’s a suitable project for many ages. Bot sizes come both in black and white version that kids can color in themselves as well as full color version (no prep – ready to go).

No glue required to assemble this bracelets and they can be used over and over again.

Halloween Printable Bat Paper Bracelet