Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

Learn with bug patterns file folder game and find the accurate bug that finishes each pattern. The game will strengthen pattern recognition skills, is easy to assemble, and fun to play.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game

The game’s goal is to finish the given bug pattern by choosing the accurate image that ends the pattern. The patterns included are ABAB and AABB and are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students.

The file folder game includes a bug, a dragonfly, a caterpillar, a bee, a butterfly, and a ladybug.

Laminating the pieces will make the game last longer.

Bugs Patterns File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Bees and Beehive Craft Template

Bee Craft

Bees are hard workers, but we promise you there is nothing that is hard to make with this bee and hive craft.

Print out the template and make a wonderful beehive with bees flying around.

Bee Craft

This idea makes a great spring craft, as well as a bug craft to add to your bugs lessons.

It is easy to make. Print out the template. You can print the first page on yellow paper or have the kids color it in. Have the kids color the parts of the template. Cut out the pieces.

Use blue (or any other color) paper as the background for this craft. Start by sticking the tree branch and leaves on the paper. Add the beehive and finish up with the bees.

Bees and Beehive Craft Template


Bugs Shadow Matching File Folder Game

Give your students a challenge to match bugs and their silhouettes. They will get to know 9 different bugs while playing this simple bugs shadow matching file folder game.

Bugs Shadow Matching File Folder Game
This set is perfect for pre-K and kindergartners, and it will definitely be fun to play with. Kids need to look at each image, find the corresponding shadow, and place the bug onto it. These types of games are great to improve detail-orientation and fine motor skills at once.

The bugs shadow matching file folder game includes an ant, a ladybug, a grasshopper, a spider, a caterpillar larva, a caterpillar, a butterfly, a bee, and a dragonfly.

Assembling the game is easy – slide the first 2 pages into a protected sheet, then laminate the two pages with images. Cut out the laminated images and stick Velcro dots on them and on the bug shadows as well. The game is all set.

Bugs Shadow Matching File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Honeycomb and Bees Craft Template

Learn about the bees with this wonderful honeycomb and bees craft. Print out the template, assemble the bees and make the most wonderful honeycomb.

You can print the honeycomb pattern on the yellow paper or let the kids paint it as they see fit. We love how watercolors work out on this particular project but there are no limits as to what coloring supplies to use.

This is a great spring craft too or to finish up a bugs or bee study unit.

Honeycomb and Bees Craft

Silly Spider Coloring Pages

Looking for some simple and fun coloring pages for your kids? These silly spider coloring pages will keep your kids busy for some time. Two fun (or scary?) spider coloring pages just waiting to be colored.

They will be perfect during Halloween or any other time in the year.

The designs have wide areas to color in and are suitable for younger and a bit older kids.

Enjoy these cute crawlers and let your kids color them however they like.

Silly Spider Coloring Pages

Paper Butterfly Craft Template

Make a cute little 3D butterfly paper craft. A quick and easy bug craft for kids to make and for you to display on the fridge.

Paper Butterfly Craft for Kids

Paper Bee Craft Template

Make a little busy bee! This bug craft template can be used either as a stencil – cut out the craft parts and trace them onto construction paper in required colors or as is.

Prin the template, have the kids color in all the parts and assemble the little bee. Perfect spring craft.

Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

Bugs Corner Bookmark Craft Template

Corner bookmarks are great for encourage reading, reward your kids or students with these adorable bugs corner bookmarks. You can make them for your students or have your students make them all by themselves. They are an easy no prep project, which makes them a great classroom craft.

The bugs craft corner bookmarks come both as a black and white version which kids get to color in themselves as well as a full color craft template.

Print the template (regular print paper is fine), cut along the design outline. Next cut along the full line (marked with scissors on the template). Fold along the dashed lines, “wrap the head around” and glue in place.

Bugs Matching File Folder Game

Can you match up all the bugs? In this bugs match file folder game, kids need to find the right halves of the bugs and make them whole.

12 fun characters to put together: 4 colorful caterpillars, 3 beautiful butterflies, a cute little ladybug, a hard-working honey bee, a majestic drone, and 2 silly bugs.

This fun matching game is best for toddlers and kids in preschool. Kids in kindergarten will have fun playing this entertaining game too.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages.

Set the first two aside and cut the 12 rectangles with the right parts of the bugs’ bodies. Laminate the right parts of bugs’ bodies and attach Velcro on the back. Laminate the sheets with the left parts of bugs’ bodies. Attach velcro inside the dashed line rectangles. Find the pairs to make the bugs’ bodies whole.

3D Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft

Our 3D butterfly life cycle craft gives your students a chance to explore the life cycle of this gorgeous insect in 3D.

It’s easy to assemble and can be done in one crafting sitting or you can space it out and do a stage at a time, while learning about that particular stage.

This butterfly craft comes both as a black and white template that kids can color in all by themselves or as a precolored craft template that is ready to go.

We recommend printing on heavier print paper / cardstock. Lables that kids can use to mark each stage of the butterfly life cycle are also included – butterfly, caterpillar (or larva), chrysalis (or pupa) and eggs.

Make a wonderful model diorama with your kids.

3D Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft - Paper Model Diorama

Butterfly Movable Paper Doll Template

Flutter in the air with our butterfly movable paper doll template.

This butterfly craft paper doll is pretty easy to assemble – just print it on heavier print paper (construction paper), or laminate. Use split pins to secure the wings on the butterfly’s body – this will help those wings move. Split pins are also known as paper fasteners and brads and can be purchased in craft stores, office supply stores and “dollar store” type stores that offer office supplies.

Once the paper fasteners are in place, string a thread through the holes for the thread, tie the thread and pull – your butterfly will flutter it’s wings.

Butterfly Movable Paper Doll Template

Printable Butterfly Mask Template

Flutter away like a butterfly! Print out our butterfly masks and let the kids have fun. We have one precolored monarch like mask but we really hope you will print out the black and white mask and have the kids decorate it on their own! There is no limits when it comes to coloring the butterflies, have the kids pick out their favorite colors and bring this mask to life.

We recommend these bug masks to be printed on heavier print paper or cardstock to ensure maximum durability.

Printable Butterfly Mask Template

Printable Bee Mask Template

Turn your class into busy little bees! This printable bee mask (or bumblebee mask) will be a fun addition to your bug theme or spring theme (grab our other bug masks too).

The mask come as a pre colored and as a black and white bee mask template that kids can coloring in by themselves.

Perfect addition to your dramatic corner in spring time.

Printable Bee Mask Template

Printable Ladybug Mask Template

Transform your students into cute little ladybugs.

Print out our ladybug mask template and let the kids be busy little bugs. Both precolored and coloring page ladybug mask template for kids to decorate on their own included.

Eco tip: use old printer paper to print the masks and glue the template on heavier paper (cereal and similar boxes are great for masks). Combine with our other bug masks for maximum fun.

Printable Ladybug Mask Template

Printable Spider Mask Template

Spider Mask

Who wants to be a creepy crawlie? This fun looking spider mask makes for a fun Halloween craft. It’s also a nice addition to other bug masks, making learning about insects even more fun for your little learners.

Printable Spider Mask Template

Little Bugs Coloring Pages

Little Bugs Coloring Pages

A set of simple bug coloring pages where kids can also color the words. Great for young learners and early finishers in school.

Bug Coloring Pages

Printable Bug Finger Puppets

Print out all of the Printable Bugs Finger Puppets – the butterfly, ant, spider, bee, grasshopper and bettle, or choose the bug puppet you want to make. Print out, assemble (simple instructions included) and play!

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages set features a collection of 4 different ladybug designs, and the designs are, you guessed it – pretty silly.

These bug coloring pages have extra large bugs to color in, and all the spaces to color on the bugs are pretty big too so they are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

You can have the kids color them with red, that’s the most common color, or choose any other ladybug color (or even go beyond that).

Printable Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages