Reindeer Card Craft Template

Have you already made your greeting cards for these holidays? Have fun coloring and assembling your Reindeer Card Craft Template, and wish your loved ones Merry Christmas.

Reindeer Card Craft

The set includes two printable templates – a printer-friendly on, that kids can color independently and a full-colored version.

Assembling this reindeer card craft is easy with a help of our step-by-step instructions provided inside the set.

You can write any message inside of your card and make as many as you want.

Have fun crafting!

Reindeer Card Craft Template

Gingerbread House Card Template

Gingerbread house Card Template

An easy Christmas craft to do with your kids at home or as a keepsake made in the classroom.

Color in the card, or print the precolored one for your kids to finish up.

Gingerbread house Card Template

This Christmas card is easy to assemble, cut out the template, fold along the dashed lines and glue the roof in place.

Open up the card and write in your special note, draw a picture or glue in a photo of yourself or your family.

Printable Gingerbread House Card Template


Twist and Pop Father’s Day Card

Make a super memorable Father’s day card – this twist and pop card is here to impress. On top of it being really cool it’s also pretty easy to make (instructions included).

It’s one of the coolest Fathers day card out there.

Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card Craft for Kids

Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Craft Card

One of the coolest Mother’s day crafts kids can make – make a twist and pop Mother’s day card.

Both 1 kid and optimized for printing classroom craft edition PDF’s for this project are included.

Printable instructions are included in the PDF.

Mother's Day Twist and Pop Card Template

Grandma You are Perfect Card

Have an amazing grandma and love cats? Or have an amazing grandma who loves cars? This puuurfect grandma pun card is great for grandparents day. 

Roarsome Grandma Card – Grandparents Day

Awesome grandma alert – let the kids surprise their grandma with this Roarsome Grandma coloring card.

If your kids or students are fans of coloring pages they will love decorating this dino card with a pun. Let them add a special note inside the card (dino-mite grandma pops to mind) and the cards are ready to be given to their favorite grandma.

Roarsome Grandma Grandparents Day Card

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Time to celebrate Granparents day. If your kids or students have an amazing grandma why not let them appreciate her with the help of this card with a pun. Let the grandma know that she’s BEE-ing a great grandmother. Perfect no prep activity for grandparents day.

Two card sizes included.

Thanks for Beeing a Great Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Grandma you are Pawesome Card Grandparents Day

Kids who have awesome grandmas and awesome sense of humor will love this Pawesome grandmother card.

This is a low prep activity that’s great for Grandparents day, a little grandma appreciation goes a long way.

Two sizes included so this activity is great for all ages.

Grandma you are Pawesome Card

Ofishialy the Best Grandma Card Grandparents Day

Let’s make this official – your kids or students have the best grandma and this oFISHially the best grandma card says it perfectly.

This card is great for all ages as the design isn’t complex and there are enough large areas to color. The card also comes in two sizes, with the large one being especially easy to color.

Ofishialy the best grandma card Grandparents day

Grandma You are Magical Card Grandparents Day

Grandma You are Magical Card

Grandmothers can be really great when it comes to making childhood magical, so why not let them know they are part of the magic with this Grandma You are Magical greeting card.

Unicorns are really fun to color, not even the sky is the limit when it comes to picking the colors. Add a bit of sparkle to while you are at it.

Dino-mite Grandma Card – Grandparents Day

If your kids or students have a dino-mite grandma, let them express that with this cool dinosaur grandparents day card.

Simple design is easy to color, so this card is appropriate for all ages. Comes in two sizes – as a one card per sheet and as two cards per sheet.

Dino-mite Grandma Card - Grandparents Day

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card Pun

If your students or kids have awesome grandmas they absolutely deserve this turtley awesome card.

Let the kids color in the turtle design as well as the letters and include a personal note inside this card.

Easy low prep activity that’s perfect for grandparents day.

Turtley Awesome Grandma Card Pun

Grandma I Love You Beary Much Greeting Card

Every grand kid loving grandma deserves a nice little card here and there, especially for grandparents day.

This card lets the kids let their grandma know they love her beary much. A fun coloring activity for kids of all ages.

Grandma I Love You Beary Much Pun Card

I love You Beary Much Father’s Day Card

Bears give the best hugs and if kids have that special papa bear in their life he certainly deserves to know they love him beary much.

This Fathers day card is ready to go, all that it needs is some color. Let the kids decorate the cards and add their note inside the card.

Two handy sizes include – a large card where one sheet of paper makes one card as well as a smaller version of the same card with two cards per sheet of paper.

Dad I Love You Beary Much Father's Day Card

Thanks for Beeing a Great Dad Father’s Day Card

Even the busiest bees know that a great dad deserves a great card for Fathers day. This card has a bee pun, thanking the dads for BEE-ing great.

Both markers and crayons work well for these coloring cards, especially as they come in both the large size (one card per sheet of paper) and smaller cards size (two cards per sheet of paper).

Thanks for Beeing a Great Dad Card Pun Card

Lion Father’s Day Card

Fathers Day Card Best Dad I'm Not Lion Pun Card

We’re not lion when we say dads are great! This “I’m not lion” fathers day card has one of the funnest puns kids like to use.

Easy no prep activity, just print and hand out along with crayons or markers.

Two sizes included, large card – where one sheet of paper is folded in half to make a card, and small card – where there are two cards on one sheet of paper.

Fathers Day Card Best Dad I'm Not Lion Pun Card

Ofishially the Best Dad Father’s Day Card

oFISHially the best dad Father's day card

Who’s oFISHially the best dad? Let the kids surprise their dads with this cool card.

It’s an easy and quick activity that can be done in the classroom or at home – it can be used on it’s own or as an addition to a handmade gift.

oFISHially the best dad Father's day card pun