Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Make the beloved Halloween character pop with these Halloween paper craft templates that combine coloring pages with crafting.

Kids will create holiday-themed 3D paper creations with our unique Halloween paper craft templates.

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

The printable set of templates includes five Halloween crafts for kids.

Kids can create a flying bat, a cute cat with a witches hat, a witch and a cauldron, a field of pumpkins, and a crawly spider.

Each version comes with instructions on how to assemble the craft.

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Halloween Paper Craft

Cat in a Pot Mother’s Day Card Template

Get creative for the important holiday, with a help of our Cat in a Pot Mother’s Day Paper Card Template.

It’s fun and super easy to make!

Cat in a Pot Mothers Day Card

The set includes 3 different templates.

The first one is a tracing template you need to print, cut out the pieces, then trace them onto the color paper.

If you don’t want to trace, you can choose between a pre-colored or a printer-friendly version for your kids to color.

This charming Mother’s Day card will surely be a nice handmade gift.

Have fun!

Cat in a Pot Mothers Day Card Template

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template

Are you ready for the spookiest holiday in the year?

Grab your own Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template, color it and assemble three different characters.

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template

You’ll be making three movable paper dolls – a bat, a spider, and a cat. The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version.

You will need our templates, scissors, coloring supplies, and some split pins to put these characters together.

Instructions on how to assemble each one are waiting for you inside the set.

Have fun making Halloween crafts with your kids.

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts

Cat Coloring Pages

Ready to color a bunch of cats? We’ve got a big set of cat coloring pages for your kindergartners and older kids. Grab those coloring supplies and print them out.

Cat Coloring Sheets

The set includes 40 different cat coloring pages and is perfect for younger, older kids, and grown-ups.

You can choose to print the ones with a simple design or go with more detailed cat coloring sheets. They will all be handy throughout the whole year.

Cat Coloring Pages

Cat and Dog Coloring Pages

Have your kids grab their favorite coloring supplies and color these two lovely pets.
This set includes 2 different designs – a cat and a dog.

Kids will enjoy coloring the big blank areas and some smaller sections with their crayons, practice fine motor skills and have fun coloring the pages.

If they want, they can draw some of their own background and color that too.

This set is perfect for kids in preschool, kindergartners, older kids who enjoy coloring.
and will come in handy throughout the year.

Cat and Dog Color by Code Subtraction Within 10

Dive into the world of math and help your kids to become better at subtracting numbers all up to 10.

These fun cat and dog color by code worksheets are a great way to reinforce students to subtraction strategies and for introducing simple subtracting problems in a fun way.

Kids need to use subtraction in each section to find numbers that go with each color.

Then, they need to look to the color key at the bottom and color that section with the given color.

Cat and Dog Color by Code Addition Within 5

Math is fun with these cat and dog color by code addition within 5 worksheets.

These pages are great for kids who need some quick exercises and are appropriate for ones who have just started with addition and already know numbers.

The two pages include a design of a dog and a cat.

Kids need to solve the simple addition problems in order to color each section of the image.

After they add together all the numbers and color all of the areas, the image should be colored accurately.

The worksheets include horizontal and vertical addition and are great throughout the year.

Cat and Dog Color by Number Sense

Numbers can be shown in many different ways and this fun set of worksheets will help your kids get to practice some of the most common ones.

This color by number sense worksheets set includes two designs – a cat and a dog.

It is appropriate for preschoolers and kindergarteners as it encourages kids to color the areas by finding the same values of numbers.

The worksheets include numbers up to five that are represented in these forms: five frames, finger counting images, tally marks, number words, numbers, and dice.

Cat and Dog Color by Sight Word

Cat and Dog Color by Sight Word

This set of worksheets will help your kids with learning to read some of the high frequency words.

There are two pages in this set: a cat and a dog.

Kids will be coloring the areas that include 8 different sight words.

The pre-primer sight words included are: and, big, down, go, here, my, see, you.

These pages are great for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and all the young learners who love to use their coloring supplies.

Cat and Dog Color by Sight Word

Cat and Dog Color by Shape

These two fun worksheets are great for revision of shapes.

The set includes two pages your kids need to color in and is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students.

Children need to find the same shapes and color those areas with the same color (as the color key at the bottom says).

The shapes included are a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, a star, a square, an ellipse, a pentagon, and a kite.

Have your kids color the areas with their best markers and have fun doing it.

Cat and Dog Color by Number Word

These Cat and Dog Color by Number Word worksheets are great for emergent readers.

Thee worksheets are great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten as they are simple and fun to solve.

The set includes one page with a cat on it and one with a dog on it.

The cute pets will help your kids to reinforce word recognition skills while coloring the sections with accurate color.

Cat and Dog Color by Number Word

Cat and Dog Color by Letter

Cat and Dog Color by Letter for Kids

What better way to practice the letters than to do a couple of color by code activities. These cat and dog color by letter worksheets will help your kids with letter recognition.

Kids need to color the sections accordingly to the color key at the bottom. Each section has its own letter and each letter has its own color.

The pages include lowercase and uppercase letters and are appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners.

These type of coloring pages are also great to strengthen the important fine motor skills while they color the areas within the lines.

Cat and Dog Color by Number

Cat and Dog Color by Number
Do you have any pets at home? Maybe a cat or a dog? Have your young learners work on their number recognition (or just have fun) with our color by number cat and dog worksheets.
The set includes two pages – a cat and a dog with numbers from 1 to 5.
Young learners need to recognise numbers and color each section with the given color (as the color key at the bottom says).

Keep your kids busy for at least a while with color by number worksheets set and have them use their best coloring supplies to color in the areas.
Cat and Dog Color by Number Worksheets

Silly Cat Coloring Pages

Silly Cat Coloring Pages

All cat lovers rejoice! These silly cat coloring pages are simply the best. If your family is blessed by a feline companion you can agree that being a cat equals being silly.

There are 4 wonderful and absolutely silly cat designs included in this set of animal coloring pages. As all of the coloring pages have large areas to color in these are perfectly suited for younger kids, but as these are cats, and beyond all, silly cats, these will be loved by all ages.
Printable Silly Cat Coloring Pages

Printable Cat Mask Template

The printable cat comes in 2 versions, the pre colored one (orange tabby cat) and a black and white one that kids can color in however they like.

The masks are best printed on cardstock or heavier print paper.

Once colored, cut them out and punch two holes for the eyes and two for the string.

Printable Cat Mask Template

Surprise Cat Printable

Big Mouth Cat Printable

Once the template is printed have the kids color in the design. They can leave the background white or color it (draw grass, furniture or whatever background comes to their minds). A mouse in the cat’s mouth is a fun detail to add too.

As cats come in a variety of colors, there are many ways your kids can color these.

Big Mouth Cat Printable

Cat and Dog Agamograph

Cat and Dog Agamograph

This dog and cat agamograph makes a great addition to your pets unit study. Whether your students are fans of cats and dogs this agamograph caters them all.

Print out the template and instructions, let the kids color in their agamograph and fold it. Once complete, they will be able to enjoy the images changing as the kids change the looking angle.

Cat and Dog Agamograph