Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

Learn with our Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards and improve your recognition skills in a fun way.

These cards will be great for reviewing the shape names, colors, and more.

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards

The set includes two types of learning cards on 46 pages.

There are 184 cards altogether.

With the first group of cards, kids will need to read the color name and the type of shape, then recognize it among four other colorful shapes below. They will mark the correct answer with a clothespin.

The second group of cards works oppositely. Kids need to recognize the shape and its color, find the written answer at the bottom of the card, and mark it.

The whole set includes the following shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, ellipse, oval, diamond, rhombus, trapezium, trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, semicircle, star, heart, arrow, cross, pie, crescent, and kite.

Children will improve their reading comprehension in an easy and fun way.

To make the cards last longer, we suggest printing them on heavier print paper or, even better – laminating them.

Shapes Reading Comprehension Clip Cards for First Grade

Rhyme Clip Cards

These rhyme clip cards will help your kids with early literacy development. It’s a fun and easy-to-play activity for kindergartners and includes 40 cards altogether.

Rhyme Clip Cards

Students need to look at the big image, then find out which one of the images below rhymes with it.

There is only one solution on each clip card. When kids find the rhyming match, they need to put a clothespin onto it. The game will improve their motor skills while they have fun searching for the rhyming pairs.

You can choose between two versions – one with words underneath the images and the one without them. You can play some more and encourage your kids to find the rhymes for other images as well.

Laminating is the ideal solution to prolong the life of the clip cards.

Rhyme Clip Cards for Kindergarten

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards

What words rhyme with each other? Help your students build an understanding of rhymes with these fun rhymes wheel clip cards.

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards

The rhyme wheels will strengthen your students’ reading and comprehension skills while having a good time rhyming. These clip cards are a great introduction or addition to the CVC words unit.

The set includes 16 rhyme wheels. Students will look at the picture clues in each wheel’s center, find the other images that have the same ending sounds, and then put a clothespin onto them to mark the rhyming words.

You can choose between 2 versions which both include printer-friendly and pre-colored wheels. One version includes written words beside the images, while the second doesn’t.

Rhymes Wheel Clip Cards for Kindergarten

Weather Clip Cards

Weather Clip Cards

What’s the weather today? Enhance your student’s weather vocabulary with these engaging weather clip cards.

This set of clip cards includes 22 types of weather phenomena.

The cards include illustrations of a rainbow, tornado, lightning bolt, snowy, rainy, sunny, stormy, cloudy, partly sunny, windy, foggy, snow, rain, sun, cloud, fog, storm, wind, raindrop, snowflake, cold, and hot.

Kids look at each card, try to recognize the image, then read the 3 different names below each card, and clip a clothespin onto the matching answer to show what type of weather is shown. Alternatively they can also mark their answers with a dry erase marker, tokens…

Laminate the cards to make the fun last longer.

Body Parts Clip Cards – Human Anatomy

Parts of the Body Clip Cards

Learning about the parts of the body? These body parts clip cards will help young learners to get to know some of our external body parts and will be a great addition to your human anatomy unit.

The set includes 24 body parts clip cards.

Each card has a big image of a body part on it and three written body parts to choose from. Kids need to recognize the body part and clip a clothespin onto the correct answer below.

Outer body parts included: hand, mouth, teeth, nose, eyebrow, eye, toes, ear, tongue, face, leg, head, foot, chest, arm, knee, elbow, chin, lips, finger, hair, shoulder, belly, and armpit.

If you want these body parts clip cards to last, we suggest laminating them. Students can also use dry-erase markers on the laminated cards to mark their answers.

Body Parts Clip Cards for Kindergarten