Clown Head Template

Curly Hair Clown Craft Template

This versatile clown head template promises tons of fun – watch as your child’s crafting becomes a carnival of joy!

Curly Hair Clown Craft Template

The set includes printable templates in two sizes – a printer-friendly and a full-colored version.

Ideas for using the clown head template:

  • make paper strips and have the kids either make curly hair or a zig-zag folded hair
  • use painted cotton balls to create colorful hair
  • attach colorful yarn tassels to the clown’s head for a playful, textured look
  • use puffy paint combined with our printable template to make a fantastic clown art
  • have the kids paint the clown’s hair with tempera paints
  • use curly ribbon strands to the clown’s hair

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Curly Hair Clown Craft

Printable Clown Mask Template

Become a class of clowns and clown around! This fun printable clown mask template transforms your students into silly little clowns.

Print the masks, either the full color one or the black and white one that kids can decorate all on their own and have the kids put on a circus show. Let them do pranks, tell jokes or just be plain ol’silly.Printable Clown Mask Template