Community Worker Police Officer Coloring Pages

When it comes to community workers and helpers, police officers are one of the more popular ones so we just know your students will enjoy these police officer coloring pages.
There are 4 different designs of police officers to color in.
When talking about different professions, almost every child has their favorite one – the one they would like to become when they grow up. Police officer is one of the more popular picks.
This pack is appropriate for younger kids (kindergarten and preschool) and older ones.
Police Officer Coloring Pages Community Workers

Community Worker Teacher Coloring Pages

These teacher coloring pages are great to hand out to your kids on teacher appreciation day.
They make a great addition to your community workers or community helpers unit study as well as a great addition to the occupations lesson.
4 fun designs ready to be colored.
Teacher Coloring Pages Occupations and Community Workers

Silly Bat Coloring Pages

Let these silly bats take your kids on a colorful adventure. There are two silly designs waiting to be colored.

When coloring these animal coloring pages, kids do not need to stick to black and gray only, let the kids get creative with the colors.

Bat Coloring Pages

Silly Kangaroo Coloring Page

Silly Kangaroo Coloring Page
It’s time to hop around like a kangaroo! This kangaroo coloring page will be a great addition to your Australian animals unit and a fun animal coloring page for busting boredom.
This Australian wildlife page is perfect for younger kids, as it is simple and has a lot of large spaces to color in. It is also great for the older ones, who can add to the image by designing an Australia themed background.

Silly Kangaroo Coloring Page

Silly Koala Coloring Page

If you are teaching about Australian wildlife or if your kids are fans of animals from that continent this koala coloring page is a must. Wonderful addition to your Australia unit study.
This koala is living in a tall eucalyptus tree, so kids can color the tree and the background as well.

With lots of large areas to color, this coloring page is suitable for younger kids.

Silly Koala Coloring Page

Silly Unicorn Coloring Pages

Silly Unicorn Coloring Pages

This set of silly unicorn coloring pages is full of magic.

These legendary creatures with one horn and a colorful mane and tail will be a joy for your little ones to color. There are 4 different unicorn designs for your kids to color (each and every one of them super silly). They can use a bunch of vivid colors to make the unicorns really pop out, you just have to give one of them a rainbow mane.
Simple designs with large areas to color make these perfect for younger kids (preschool and kindergarten).

Silly Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids

Egg Friends Easter Coloring Pages

Bring out the pastel colored crayons or markers and color these fun Egg Friends Easter coloring pages.

3 large eggs as well as egg shaped bunny, chick and sheep are just waiting to be colored.

These fun coloring pages can also be turned into a fun Easter banner.

Easter Coloring Pages

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages

Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages set features a collection of 4 different ladybug designs, and the designs are, you guessed it – pretty silly.

These bug coloring pages have extra large bugs to color in, and all the spaces to color on the bugs are pretty big too so they are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

You can have the kids color them with red, that’s the most common color, or choose any other ladybug color (or even go beyond that).

Printable Silly Ladybug Coloring Pages

Silly Butterfly Coloring Pages

Silly Butterfly Coloring Pages

When it comes to bugs coloring pages, these silly butterfly coloring pages will require you to bring out all of your crayons.

Butterflies are magnificent and colorful creatures, so these coloring pages should, well could, reflect just that. There are 4 wonderful designs waiting for your kids to color them.

All of the 4 designs feature big, wide spaces and moderately thick lines so they are perfect for younger kids to color in. Printable Silly Butterfly Coloring Pages

Silly Birds Coloring Pages

Silly birds coloring pages pack is a set of 4 different bird designs that will get your kid’s attention right away.

In this set of bird coloring pages you will find a woodpecker coloring page, a parrot coloring page as well as a hummingbird and a toucan that are just waiting to be colored.

These animal coloring pages are designed for all ages – with it’s thick lines and large spaces to color they are easy enough for the youngest kids to color. Older kids on the other hand will be able to unleash their creativity and fill in the backgrounds with their own drawings.

Silly Birds - Coloring Pages

Silly Caterpillar Coloring Pages

Silly Caterpillar Coloring Pages

These silly caterpillar coloring pages are perfect for spring. There are 4 fun caterpillar designs just waiting to be colored by your kids.

You can use these bug coloring pages as part of the butterfly life cycle lesson – have the kids color in these and also have them draw a butterfly that they think these caterpillars would transform into.

Printable Silly Caterpillar Coloring Pages

Fun Bugs Coloring Pages

Fun bugs coloring pages

This set of bug coloring pages features a variety of fun looking bugs. All of the bugs are easy to color so they are great for both young and old kids. All of them have a very friendly look (even the spider) so they are sure to be loved.

Bugs included: ladybug, ant, butterfly, caterpillar, dragonfly, spider, grasshopper, bee (or a wasp), praying mantis and one coloring page with a variety of bugs together.

Bug Coloring Pages

Silly Bee Coloring Pages

Silly Bee Coloring Pages
In this set of silly bumblebee and bee coloring pages, you will find four different bug designs. Even though these are the “silly” ones, the bees as well as other bugs in this coloring pages set aren’t silly at all as they play an important role in our ecosystem. So print out these bug coloring pages and also teach your kids or students about the importance of these busy workers.
The 4 designs included can all be bees or bumblebees and you can even pass some as wasps or hornets.
Printable Silly Bee Coloring Pages

Silly Frog Coloring Pages

Silly Frog Coloring Pages

Hop into the coloring fun with this set of silly frog coloring pages. In this set you will find a collection of four different frogs and toads.

These animal coloring pages are perfect for younger and older kids as they can color in the wide and smaller areas. Older kids can also draw their own backgrounds to give these amphibians a nice environment to live in.

Time to grab all the coloring supplies and print these coloring pages.

Printable Silly Frog Coloring Pages

Cute Animals Coloring Pages

Cute Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

Kawaii coloring pages – you can certainly call these coloring pages that. This set of cute animals coloring pages features 10 adorable animal designs. You’ll find a pig, a mousse, a  dolphin/shark/whale, a cute cat coloring page, a deer, a ladybug, a bunny, a penguin, lion and a hamster. Use crayons, coloring pencils, markers or even add some shine with metallic gel pens, whichever supplies you use, these will look adorable.

These are incredibly fun and are suitable for younger kids as the designs are easy to color in. Older kids can take it a level further by adding their own textures and patterns with a black marker before they start coloring.

Printable Cute Animals Coloring Pages - easy coloring pages