Snowman Learning Colors Activity Template

Ready to learn about primary and secondary colors in a fun way?

Our Snowman Learning Colors Activity Template is easy to assemble and fun to play.

Snowman Learning Colors Activity

There are two versions in this set – a printer-friendly one and a pre-colored version. To assemble the snowman colors activity wheel, you’ll need a few basic materials – paper, a split pin, coloring supplies, glue, and scissors.

Enjoy learning about warm and cold colors with our snowman wheel.

Snowman Learning Colors Activity Template

Printable Fall Activities

Learn with our set of Printable Fall Activities and work on patterns, counting, sorting, and solving puzzles.

The set is fun and perfect for kindergarten kids.

Printable Fall Activities for Kids

The whole set includes six pages with five different activities.

The first one is patterning – cut out the leaf cards and continue the three patterns. After that, kids can make up their patterns and play with the sequences of leaves.

Continue with the second activity by sorting colors – students will use the same leaf cards as in the first activity and place them over the sorting mat.

On to the next page, they’ll find a counting activity. Kids will count the leaves on each card and circle the correct number.

The next activity is a coloring worksheet – grab your red, brown, and orange marker and use the key to color the leaves accurately.

Finish off by cutting apart the four different leaves, mix them up, and reassemble them to solve the puzzle.

We recommend laminating the activity parts and sheets to make them last longer.

Printable Fall Activities

Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

Learn basic colors by playing a BINGO game. Print out the ice cream dot marker activity and stack those ice cream cones.

Printable Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

The set includes the following color cards: orange, blue, black, brown, purple, pink, yellow, red, white, green, and gray. Playing this color BINGO is a great way to strengthen color recognition skills.

Cut out the color cards and place them in a pile. To start playing the game, pick one card at a time. Use a bingo marker to dot that color on the ice cream stack.

Write the color word beside it and continue until you’ve built the entire cone.

We recommend laminating the color cards to make the game last longer.

Ice Cream Dot Marker Activity

Ice Cream Color Books

Ice cream color books are here and we bet your kids will love coloring them.

They will come in handy for summer or during the whole year round when your students need to work on color recognition and color words.

Printable Ice Cream Color Books

Print out the whole set, and bind together the 10 pages to form your color book.

The set includes the following basic colors kids will be using: green, orange, blue, gray, purple, red, pink, yellow, and black.

Ice Cream Color Books

Colors Activity Book

Colors and shadow matching – this colors busy book will have your toddlers and preschoolers practice their colors in an engaging way. Not only will they have to sort colors, they will also need to match the objects to their shadows.

The color words come both as upper case and lower case words.

The colors included are: yellow, green, blue, red, orange, brown, gray (grey version included), purple (violet version included), pink, white and black. There are 5 objects to match for every color.

This colors activity can be used as learning mats used individually or you can bind them into an colors activity book like shown.

Laminate the pages or use page protectors and put them in a binder. Attach Velcro dots inside the silhouettes and on the back of the colored objects.

Printable Colors Quiet Book for Kids

Color Matching Halloween File Folder Game

Lets work on some color visual discrimination by sorting the hats into the correct boxes. Each hat is colored with 3 different colors – there are 16 hats all together and each of them has it’s own specific combination of three colors.

Kids need to look at the colors next to each of the empty boxes and match the hat that has the same 3 colors.

This fun Halloween file folder game is great for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Laminate the sheet with boxes and the witches hats, attach velcro dots and use over and over again.

Color Matching Halloween File Folder Game - Sort the Witches Hats

Butterfly Colors File Folder Game

Let’s learn the words for colors with this fun butterfly colors file folder game.

Kids will need to read the color name inside the butterfly outline and match it with the correct butterfly.

Colors included: red, blue, brown, purple, black, orange, pink, white, yellow, green and gray (both gray and grey version included).

Use as a file folder game or combine into an activity book with one or more of our printable interactive file folder games. Laminate the pieces for durability.

Butterfly Colors File Folder Game

Color Crayons File Folder Game

Color Crayons File Folder Game

Explore colors and color names with this engaging colors file folder game.

The aim of this game is to match the colored crayons to the names – as the names appear both on the crayon and in the box the crayon will go (as well as there being a color trail next to it) this file folder game is appropriate for even the youngest kids who can’t jet read. It’s a wonderful resource to help them identify the color words.

Colors File Folder Game