Winter Counting Worksheets

Ready for the winter holiday learning?

We got a fun set of Winter Counting Worksheets, so grab your markers, and let’s practice numbers all up to 27.

Winter Counting Worksheets

The set includes five printer-friendly counting worksheets.

Start with marshmallow counting, where kids need to glue the correct number into the box beside each cup with marshmallows.

On the second page, students will match the number of marshmallows with numbers on cups by drawing a line between them.

Continue to the third worksheet and practice writing numbers up to 8.

The next page is all about connecting dots. Kids will follow the number order from 1 to 27. The image of a coffee mug will reveal. They can color the mug after they finish.

The last page is for all the hot chocolate lovers. Use the worksheet after tasting this delicious drink. It is excellent to improve sensory skill development.

Kids will write down what they smell, feel, see and taste into the blank areas.

Printable Winter Counting Activities