Cloud and Rainbow Craft Template

Swirly Rainbow Craft Template

With this engaging rainbow craft template, children can construct their vibrant rainbows using playful paper strips or other materials.

From crafting joy to a kaleidoscope of colors, it’s the perfect blend of fun and learning for kids of all ages!

Swirly Rainbow Craft Template

The set includes two printable templates, both available in two sizes.

Choose a printer-friendly one if kids love to color, or print out the full-colored version.

Ideas to use with our rainbow craft template:

  • cut paper strips and have the kids either make a swirly rainbow or a zig-zag folded rainbow
  • tear or cut small pieces of colorful tissue paper and glue them onto the cardstock to form a vibrant rainbow
  • dip cotton balls in different colored paints and stamp them onto the paper to create a textured and dynamic rainbow
  • use puffy paint combined with our printable template to make a fantastic spring season art
  • shave crayons into small pieces and sprinkle them onto a layer of glue to create a melted crayon rainbow effect

There are so many possibilities!

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Swirly Rainbow Craft

3D Ladybug Paper Craft Template

3D Ladybug Paper Craft Template

Get ready to add a pop of color and whimsy to your crafting adventures with our delightful 3D ladybug paper craft template!

3D Ladybug Paper Craft Template

Inside this PDF set, you’ll find not one but two templates to choose from: a classic black and white version for your kid’s artistic flair and a vibrant, full-colored option ready to bring the ladybugs to life in a snap.

Plus, with the flexibility to print the ladybug circles on colored paper, the possibilities are endless!

This 3D craft is as fun as a spring breeze and easy to make, promising joy-filled crafting for all ages.

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3D Ladybug Paper Craft

Bug Hand Puppets Templates

Bug Hand Puppets

We’re sharing some cute bug hand puppet templates where the wonders of spring come to life through imaginative play!

The set includes bee, spider, beetle, butterfly, and ladybug puppets, each available in three sizes for added versatility and creativity.

Bug Hand Puppets

This set has two versions –  black and white and full-colored templates.

These bug crafts are not only perfect for celebrating spring but also provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.

Whether your kids are buzzing around the garden or exploring the great outdoors, these bug hand puppets will bring joy and laughter to their springtime adventures.

Let their creativity soar as they color, cut, and assemble these adorable bugs, making them the perfect addition to their spring crafts collection.

We recommend printing the bug hand puppets onto thicker paper to make them last longer.

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3D Birthday Cake Card Template

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card Template

This 3D Birthday Cake Card Template will help your kids make a fantastic gift for any birthday celebration!

How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card Template

The set includes three different templates.

Choose a tracing template to trace the cake parts on colored paper. You can print the bigger or the smaller version.

Kids can create a giant 3D cake using the bigger version in a letter or A4 format.

If you want to make a foldable card, we recommend using the smaller version. Fold the background paper (letter or A4 format) in half so you’ll create a card, and use a smaller tracing version.

The set has two more templates – bigger and smaller printer-friendly + full-colored versions.

With a few simple folds and a touch of imagination, your kids will craft a card that’s a thoughtful gesture and a pretty work of art.

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How to Make a 3D Birthday Cake Card

Paper Roll Space Shuttle Template

Paper Roll Space Shuttle

Blast off into a world of exploration with our paper roll space shuttle template!

The hands-on activity lets kids become young astronauts as they color, cut out, and assemble their space shuttle.

Paper Roll Space Shuttle

The set includes three printable templates.

Use a tracing template for kids to build the spacecraft with colored paper by tracing the parts.

Choose a printer-friendly version for those who love to color or a full-colored version that is ready to be cut out and assembled.

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Paper Roll Space Shuttle Template

Dinosaur Outline Templates

Dinosaur Outline Templates

Greeting from prehistoric times, where your kids can travel back and create masterpieces with our dinosaur outline templates.

You’ll find the eight most known dinosaur silhouettes in the set.

Dinosaur Outline Templates

Each dinosaur comes in two versions – an outlined one like a coloring page and a bold black version.

You’ll get to choose the size of your dinos – each one comes in two sizes.

We’ve included all your kids’ favorite dinosaurs, such as brachiosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), pterodactyl, stegosaurus, plesiosaurus, spinosaurus, and a velociraptor.

You can use these templates for decorations, paper cards, acrylic art, and more!

A fun idea children can try is to paint an environment for their ancient giants using acrylic paints or other coloring supplies. Whether they go with a lush jungle, rocky volcano, savannah scene, or a blue river, it’s up to them!

And when they’re done, they can glue on their favorite dinosaur to finish their artwork!

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Dinosaur Outline Template

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon Template

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon Template

Celebrate Chinese New Year by coloring and assembling a neat paper spiral Chinese dragon template. These dragons will look so cool hanging from the ceiling or a shelf.

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon Template

The set includes three black-and-white and six full-colored Chinese dragon mobiles.

Perfect for all ages, this tutorial provides easy-to-follow instructions, making it an ideal family activity or a fantastic solo project.

Kids will elevate their crafting skills while learning about the rich cultural significance of dragons in Chinese mythology.

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Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon

Color In Valentine’s Day Cards

Introducing our delightful collection of 20 Printable Valentine’s Day Cards to Color PDF, designed to infuse your celebration with a perfect blend of creativity and love filled cheer!

Unleash the joyous spirit and share heartfelt sentiments with these cards, allowing you and your loved ones to add a personal touch as you bring them to life with color. Perfect for celebrating friendship or secret crushes. These charming cards come in two convenient sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Variety for Every Taste: With 20 unique designs, our printable Valentine’s Day cards cater to a wide range of preferences. From classic pun messages to whimsical wonders, there’s a card that speaks to the heart of everyone on your list.
  2. Personalized Love: Let your creative spirit shine! These cards are designed to be colored, allowing you to infuse your personal flair and warmth into each one. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or subtle, romantic shades, the choice is yours.
  3. Two Sizes, One Package: Our set includes two different sizes of cards, providing versatility for every romantic occasion. Choose from a standard size for a classic touch or opt for a larger size to send a cute and charming greeting that leaves a lasting impression.
  4. Perfect for All Ages: Ideal for both the young and the young at heart, these coloring cards are a fantastic way to engage the whole family in a heartwarming activity. Bond over coloring sessions and create cherished memories together.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by sending personalized greetings that reflect your unique style full of love, and let love color your world.

Chinese Dragon Head Template

Chinese Dragon Head Template

Our Chinese dragon head template captures the essence of the Lunar New Year while having kids explore the rich cultural traditions associated with this festive time.

Chinese Dragon Head Template

Two printable templates in the set are available in black and white and pre-colored versions.

Choose a smaller or a more giant template, gather basic supplies, and have kids create this neat, fire-spitting mystic animal.

This hands-on experience is not only fun but also educational, offering a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about the significance of dragons in Chinese culture.

Here are some ideas on how this template can be used:

  • make paper strips and have the kids either make a curly fire or a zig-zag fold flames
  • use colorful pom-poms to create the spitting fire
  • wrinkle up tissue paper to make the flames effect
  • use puffy paint combined with our printable template to make a fantastic Lunar New Year art
  • have the kids paint the flames with tempera paints

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Chinese Dragon Head

Penguin Craft Template

Penguin in the Snow Craft Template

We have a perfect activity for warming up those chilly hands – a penguin in the snow craft template!

Watch your kids bring these cute birds to life, adding a unique touch with colors, scissors, glue, and a sprinkle of snowy magic.

Penguin in the Snow Craft Template

The printable set includes two sheets – one giant penguin and two smaller ones on one page.

Kids can color the penguin, cut it out, and glue it onto cardstock.

Then, they can paint a snowy wonderland around their penguins, adding charming snowflakes to complete their masterpiece!

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Penguin in the Snow Craft

Printable Snowman Outline Templates

Snowman Outline Templates

Ready to make some cool crafts? Our printable snowman outline templates are your ticket to a world of fun winter crafts and projects!

Snowman Outline Templates

The set includes 20 printable snowman designs.

It features giant to extra small snowman outlines – each template is thoughtfully designed to spark your kids’ imagination to bring their snowman visions to life.

Whether kids are crafting cards or decorations or enjoying a winter activity, these printable outlines provide the perfect canvas for their creative expression.

We’re sharing some ideas on how kids can use these snowman outline templates:

  • decorate windows
  • dip fingers into the washable finger paint and create snowy fingerprints
  • create “melting” snowmen with watercolor by adding drips of color
  • attach the snowmen to craft sticks for a lively snowman puppet show
  • create a unique name garland (write a letter of a child’s name on each snowman)
  • use the snowmen as a base and decorate them with cotton balls, tissue paper, or pom-poms

The possibilities are as vast as a snowy landscape when using these templates!

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Printable Snowman Outline Templates

Printable Heart Templates

Free Printable Heart Templates

Get ready to make every crafting session a memorable experience with our printable heart templates.

These templates spark creativity and make crafting fun – perfect for engaging activities with preschoolers and pre-K children.

Free Printable Heart Templates

The set includes 64 pages filled with a variety of charming heart designs!

From giant, extra-large, large, medium, small, extra-small, tiny heart outlines to mixed-size hearts on one page, our collection ensures a neat array to suit every crafting need.

Ideas for kids on how to use the heart outline templates:

  • create personalized Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day cards
  • craft vibrant garlands
  • improve cognitive skills – have kids sort the heart templates based on colors, sizes, or patterns

The creative possibilities are endless.

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Printable Heart Templates

Paper Plate Dog Template

Paper Plate Husky

Do your kids love dogs? We got a treat for them! Kids can create paper puppies with our lovable Paper Plate Husky Template.

Paper Plate Husky

The printable set includes three templates.

The first is a tracing template with parts that must be traced on colored paper.

Alternatively, for a quicker option, we offer a printer-friendly version that can be easily colored in.

And if you’re in a hurry or prefer a pre-colored design, our full-colored version is at your hand.

First, kids will transform a simple paper plate into a husky canvas.

Whether they choose a traditional gray coat or a rainbow of hues, this is their chance to make their husky genuinely unique.

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Paper Plate Husky Template

Tree Silhouettes

Tree Silhouettes Craft Template

We’re sharing a tree silhouettes craft template – a versatile and creative resource for kids to explore their artistic talents.

This printable tree template provides a canvas for endless imaginative projects, allowing children to engage in activities that promote fine motor skills, creativity, and a love for nature.

Tree Silhouettes Craft Template

The set includes five tree templates with different designs that can be used throughout the year!

We’re adding some ideas on how kids can use them:

  • dip the fingertips in vibrant, washable paint and create a forest of leaves on the tree branches
  • paint the tree tops in different colors
  • use various materials such as magazine cutouts, fabric scraps, or natural elements like twigs and dried leaves to create the tree tops
  • make patterns using stamps or carved potatoes or apples

These ideas are just a starting point – feel free to adapt and combine them to suit your children’s preferences.

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Tree Silhouettes Template

Mittens Paper Card Template

If you’re looking for a neat Xmas craft, this Mittens Paper Card Template could be it.

You can wish your loved ones happy holidays with a handmade card.

Mittens Paper Card

The set includes three templates.

The first is a tracing template, where kids need to cut out and trace the shapes onto color papers.

You can cut out the snowflakes or glue your Xmas stickers onto the mittens.

The second version is a printable mitten card design – use the black and white or full-color version for your kids to assemble.

All you need to do is add some cotton balls and write your message inside of the card.

Mittens Paper Card Template

Craft Stick Elf Template

Craft Stick Elf Template

Celebrate Christmas with our Craft Stick Elf Template.

They are using craft sticks to make Santa’s helper will be fun for kids of all ages.

Craft Stick Elf Template

The set includes two different templates.

If you have regular craft sticks at home, use the first template.

Print out the second template if you want to make the elf with jumbo craft sticks.

Follow our visual instructions on how to assemble your craft stick elf.

After your kids finish, you can display the craft by hanging it on your Christmas tree as a decoration or as a nice Christmas gift.

Craft Stick Elf

Winter Paper Plate Craft Template

Winter Paper Plate Craft

Have fun upcycling your paper plates with our Winter Paper Plate Craft Template.

The craft will become a neat home decoration for the Winter season.

Winter Paper Plate Craft

There is one tracing template in this set.

Cut out the center part of the paper plate, color the winter sky, and glue on the house, two pine trees, a deer, stars, and the moon.

After that, you can use a ribbon to make a loop so you can hang your craft anywhere you’d like.

Have fun creating your winter scenery with our printable template.

Winter Paper Plate Craft Template

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

Ready for some fun and easy crafts? We’re sharing our Christmas cones craft templates – they are the perfect festive activity for kids to spread holiday cheer!

Christmas Cones Craft Templates

This set comes in two versions, offering endless possibilities for festive fun: choose among a black and white edition for a personalized touch and the vibrant full-colored version for instant festive crafting.

You’ll find two sizes of cone templates in the set that kids can quickly assemble, creating cute Christmas characters.

There are 8 different characters in the set. From the iconic Santa Claus and his trusty reindeer to the jolly snowman, cute polar bear, playful penguin, mischievous elf, festive Christmas tree, and lovely Mrs. Santa.

These Christmas cones can be used in various ways – kids can transform them into table decorations, make beautiful additions to festive displays around the house, spread joy in every corner, or make personalized gifts for friends and family.

Grab the whole set of Christmas cones by logging into your account (or becoming a member), and download them all.

Printable Christmas Cones Craft Templates