Printable Grapes Mask Template

Grapes are a wonderful fruit and if your kids are just learning about them, make the learning experience more fun by adding this mask to the lesson.

Have the kids put on a show, let them transform themselves into a grape and tell all the cool grape facts they know. Where do grapes grow? What do we use them for? Do they like grapes? How about grape juice. There are many wonderful and educational conversations that can be had.

Printable Grapes Mask Template

Printable Construction Worker Mask Template

This set of community helpers masks will turn your kids into construction workers. Both female and male construction worker are included in this set and the mask come both in black and white as well as full color (variety of skin tones included).

Construction workers really are important for the community, without them we wouldn’t have nice homes, apartment buildings, shops, roads and so much more.

Print out these masks and encourage kids to discuss this important occupation.

Printable Construction Worker Mask Template

Printable Banana Mask Template

Who wants to become a banana or two? This funky printable fruit mask will get your kids walking and talking like bananas – how exactly this looks like we leave entirely up to your kids.

This printable banana mask is a wonderful addition to fruits and vegetables unit, print the full color one or the black and white coloring page banana mask template.

Works best when printed on heavier print paper or cardstock.

Printable Banana Mask Template

Printable Cook Mask Template

Prepare a delicious pretend meal – with our printable cook mask you can instantly become a world renowned chef.

This community worker mask will be great when you are having a community helpers lesson in your class. Have your kids put on a chef mask and discuss all the ways these workers help make lives in the community better. What would your kids do if they were cooks? What dishes would they prepare…

Printable Cook Mask Template

Printable Pepper Mask Template

If your young learners are working on fruits and vegetables you can make things more fun for them by printing this vegetable mask.

Our Printable Pepper Mask Template comes both in full color mask as well as a pepper mask coloring page that kids can color in by themselves or use various materials to decorate the mask with.

Best printed on cardstock for longer durability.

Printable Cherries Mask Template

Sweet little cherries! This adorable fruit mask will make learning about cherries really, really fun. Great for learning and dramatic play, this mask is great for all ages. Large and easy to color areas won’t make this one difficult even for the youngest learners.

Print the cherry mask, either the black and white one or the full color one and let your kids talk about this small and sweet fruit.

Printable Cherries Mask Template

Printable Carrot Mask Template

Quickly run or the bunny might just catch up and eat you! Print out these vegetable masks and transform your kids into the most adorable carrots the world has ever seen.

This printable carrot mask comes both as a coloring page masks and a full color mask.

They are great to use during the fruit and vegetables unit – have the kids wear the carrot masks while learning cool things about, well carrots. Where they grow, how they grow, how they taste and more.

Printable Carrot Mask Template

Printable Onion Mask Template

Onions can be stinky but your kids will be strikingly cute wearing these vegetable masks.

This printable onion mask will be great for your fruits and vegetables lesson. Learning fun onion facts certainly is more fun if they are told by an onion.

Print this mask (along with any other of our fruit and vegetables masks) and give your students an assignment to learn as much fun facts about the said fruit or vegetable as possible. Let them present their findings while wearing this mask.

Printable Brocolli Mask Template

Your kids don’t like eating broccoli? Turn them into one! We won’t promise your kids will develop love for borcolli by wearing this vegetable mask but at the very least it will be fun.

It’s a mask that will be fun to use when you are talking about fruits and vegetables. You can have the kid wearing the broccoli mask talk about what broccoli tastes like, how it can be eaten, where it grows… Both black and white broccoli mask to color and pre-colored one available.

Printable Orange Mask Template

Whoever named me orange must have been a very clever individual. This fun fruit mask can be a great learning aid if your aim is to have kids learn about oranges.

Print out the masks, either the pre colored orange mask or the black and white orange mask and have the kids color it in. Let the kids discuss about oranges, how they taste, if they like them or even have them explore things beyond that – have them learn where they grow, conditions they need for growing and how they come to our plates.

Printable Orange Mask Template

Printable Pineapple Mask Template

I’m not a pine nor am I an apple but at the same time I am called both. I’m a pine apple. This fruit mask is perfect for summer time.

Have your kids talk about what they taste like as pineapples, where they grow and have them learn about this fruit in a fun way.

Both pineapple coloring page mask as well as a pre-colored pineapple mask template are included. Best printed on cardstock.

Printable Pineapple Mask Template

Printable Strawberry Mask Template

Who is a happy little strawberry? You can be! This fruit mask can be used to encourage kids to pretend play. What would they do if they were strawberries? Would they taste sweet? Would they enjoy the sun and grow big?

The mask is also wonderful treat for kids if your preschool or kindergarten group is called the strawberries.

Both coloring page black and white strawberry mask as well as full color strawberry mask are included.

Printable Strawberry Mask Template

Paper Butterfly Craft Template

Make a cute little 3D butterfly paper craft. A quick and easy bug craft for kids to make and for you to display on the fridge.

Paper Butterfly Craft for Kids

Printable Tomato Mask Template

Am I a fruit or am I a vegetable? For the salad purposes I certainly am a vegetable, although I am a fruit ;).

Let the philosophical fruit or veggie debate commence – print out this tomato printable mask (we’ll call it a vegetable mask) and have your kids pretend play to be tomatoes.

A fun little mask that can spark all kinds of discussions.

Comes in both black and white tomato mask to color as well as pre-colored mask ready to wear straight away.

Printable Tomato Mask Template

Printable Watermelon Mask Template

Who wants to be a silly little watermelon? This fun fruit mask will have your kids walk around like delicious looking slices of watermelon.

Have the kids pretend play to be a watermelon, let them talk about what kind of fruits they are, what they taste like or just get silly with them.

This mask template comes in both black and white coloring mask and the pre-colored version of the watermelon mask that is ready to go.

Printable Watermelon Mask Template

Printable Radish Mask Template

With this Printable Radish Mask Template learning about fruits and vegetables becomes super fun. Print out this vegetable mask, either the full color radish mask that is ready to go or the black and white radish coloring page mask that kids have to decorate on their own.

The kids will look beyond adorable wearing these cute masks.

Printable Radish Mask Template (1)

Printable Flower Mask Template

Transform your students into sweet little flowers. This printable flower mask template is great to use as a spring craft. You can have your kids decorate their own flower if you print the black and white coloring page mask template. Fun and easy.


Printable Snail Mask Template

What would your kids do if they were snails? This question can be a fun writing assignment and to make things even more interesting why not also give your kids this cool printable snail mask template.

They can color in their own snail mask or use the full colored one.