Community Workers Paper Hats Printable Template

Learn about different jobs people do by wearing these community workers’ paper crowns with your kids. There are 13 different community workers’ paper hats in this set, and they are all easy to assemble and fun to wear. Choose between a printer friendly-version that kids can color or a pre-colored one.

Community Workers Paper Crown

Use them in your classroom when learning about different occupations or to entertain kids at home.

Community worker paper hats included are construction worker, cook, nurse, farmer, firefighter, doctor, 2 pilots, Uk police officer, US police officer, mail carrier, sailor, and soldier.
The set includes step by step instructions on how to cut and glue the paper crown template together. These printable paper hats are adjustable and will suit kids and adults simply by cutting the strips shorter if necessary.

Community Workers Paper Hat Template

Sloth on a Branch Craft Template

Get to know a fantastic slow-moving mammal by assembling our Sloth on a Branch Template.

Kids will love it!

Sloth on a Branch Craft

The set includes a tracing template and two printable templates ready to assemble.

Kids can color the printer-friendly version with their favorite coloring supplies to make their sloth even more appealing.

You’ll need a few essential crafting tools and a branch for this craft.

Have fun crafting your sloth!

Sloth on a Branch Craft Template

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template

Have fun making something pretty for Christmas by coloring and assembling out Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template.

It’s super fun and easy to put together.

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft

The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored template.

When the gift is closed, kids will see a candy cane, but when they slide the window, Rudolph the Reindeer will appear.

All you’ll need is a few tools – a split pin (for the movable window), glue, coloring supplies, and yarn for the bow.

Have fun!

Rudolph Reindeer Gift Craft Template

Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template

Bear Paper Finger Puppet

How about coloring and assembling your own Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template? It sure sounds fun!

The craft is easy to make and appropriate for kids of all ages!

Bear Paper Finger Puppet

The set includes three printable templates to choose from.

The first one is a tracing template that requires no coloring supplies.

Choose the printer-friendly version if you want to color your bear.

Or have fun assembling the pre-colored version you only need to cut out.

Enjoy crafting your new forest animal.

Bear Paper Finger Puppet Template

Paper Spiderweb Craft Template

These creatures are masters of web making – color and assemble your own Paper Spiderweb Craft Template and see how your spider reveals itself.

The craft is great for Halloween and can be used as a home decoration too.

Paper Spiderweb Craft Template

You will get two templates in this set – a printer-friendly one and a full-colored version.

To assemble your spiderweb with a hidden spider inside, you’ll need only a few materials (scissors, glue, a split pin, and coloring supplies).

Have fun for the holidays!

Paper Spiderweb Craft

Princess Paper Craft Template

Have fun with your kids with the help of our Princess Paper Craft Template.

You can use it as a gift for Mother’s Day or display your princess on a wall for any other occasion.

Princess Paper Craft Template

The set includes one tracing template.

Kids need to trace the parts onto color papers, glue them on, and assemble their princess.

This craft is super fun for younger and older kids and improves fine motor skills.

Have fun making your paper, princess!

Princess Paper Craft

Snake Clothespin Puppets Template

If you love puppets and reptiles, this craft combination will be perfect to make. Print out the snake clothespin puppets template and have fun.

Snake Clothespin Puppets

This papercraft is great for kindergartners, as it doesn’t require much work to assemble. There are two available pages – a full-colored one and a pre-friendly one, that kids can color. You can make these snakes look either left, right or make two of the same snakes looking in different directions.

All you’re going to need is this template, coloring supplies, scissors, glue and clothespins.

Snake Clothespin Puppets Template

Spider Paper Plate Craft Template

Create a movable spider with our Spider Paper Plate Craft Template.

Kids will get to use acrylic paint and improve their fine motor skills while making this Halloween craft.

Spider Paper Plate Craft

The set includes three printable templates.

Use the first version (tracing template) to trace your spider onto color paper.

We have a printer-friendly version for those who want to color their spider.

And if you only want to use acrylic paint to paint the paper plate – use the pre-colored version from the set.

We recommend printing the templates a heavier print paper.

After you finish, your spider will climb its web up and down when you pull the yarn.

Happy crafting!

Spider Paper Plate Craft Template

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Make your own farm animals puppet starting with our cow movable paper doll template. The craft is easy to assemble and fun to play.

Cow Paper Doll

To make this paper doll, download and print out the template. To make the movable cow last longer, use heavier print paper or construction paper. You can choose between a printer-friendly version that kids can color or a full-color one.

After you color the template, cut out the body and legs, then punch out the holes (as designated by spots). Push paper fasteners (split pins) through the holes to secure the legs. Use a thread and string it through the other two holes and tie.

Your movable cow project is ready. Pull the threads and your paper cow will move its legs.

Cow Movable Paper Doll Template

Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Craft Template

Are you planning to learn about reptiles? This crocodile toilet paper roll craft template is here to make it fun!

You can make your crocodile with or without the paper roll.

Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The set includes two versions – a printer-friendly one and a pre-colored crocodile template. Print out the template on a heavier print paper (if you use a paper roll you can print it on regular paper), and cut out the pieces.

To make the craft, you’ll need scissors, glue, and coloring supplies (if you choose the black and white version). Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble your crocodile with ease.

This crocodile is perfect to craft the whole year-round.

Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Craft Template

Seahorse Paper Hats Printable Template

Use these seahorse paper hat templates during the ocean animal unit study and make learning fun. Kids can color them in their own colors and wear the hats while they’re telling stories.

Seahorse Paper Crown

They are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten students as they can be adjusted to fit anyone. The seahorse paper crowns will also be great for parties, other kids’ activities in the classroom or home.

Assembling the hat is quick and super easy by cutting out the template and gluing the strips to the main paper crown.

Seahorse Paper Hat Template

Octopus Paper Hats Printable Template

Create your own octopus paper hat using this set of templates. It’s super fun to wear and easy to assemble. Kids can use their best coloring supplies to color the octopus on their own or choose the pre-colored or partly-colored version to print.

Octopus Paper Crown

The set also includes octopus 8 tentacles, so kids can glue them onto the hat to make this beautiful animal stand out. These lovely ocean critters will entertain your kids during pretend-play or storytelling.

To assemble the octopus paper crown, follow the instructions on the last page.

Octopus Paper Hat Template

Fish Paper Hats Printable Template

Love ocean animals? Cut out and color this fish paper hat template – it is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. Kids will love playing with their fish paper crown while in class or at home – especially after seeing the adorable story of Finding Nemo.

Fish Paper Crown

The set has 3 different templates to choose from: a printer-friendly one, a pre-colored page, and a partly colored fish paper crown. Kids can glue on the fish’s fins too.

To assemble the crown, cut along the dashed lines, glue the two strips together on each side, then measure against your kid’s head and cut the strips shorter if needed.

Fish Paper Hat Template

Llama Puppet Craft Template

Ready to make your own paper doll?

Let’s color and assemble Llama Puppet Craft Template and have fun playing with it!

The set includes two templates – one in a printer-friendly version and a pre-colored template. These animals have such a soft coat.

Kids can use their colorful markers or any other coloring supplies to make the llama pop out. Then, they will glue the parts together and assemble them (instructions on how to put the llama together are provided).

Paper Lantern Turtle Template

Enjoy the company of an ancient reptile by coloring and assembling your own Paper Lantern Turtle Template.

The craft is perfect for kids of all ages, and you can decorate your home by hanging it anywhere you want.

Paper Lantern Turtle

Choose among two versions – a printer-friendly one and a full-colored turtle template.

Kids can color the design however they like.

We recommend printing the craft template on heavier print paper – it will look better and last longer.

Have fun for summer and enjoy crafting.

Paper Lantern Turtle Template

Jellyfish Paper Hats Printable Template

This jellyfish paper hat is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. The paper crown will be great for storytime or pretend-play with your students in the summer.

This set of templates includes 3 different pages – a pre-colored one, a partly-colored page, and a black and white jellyfish paper hat template.

Jellyfish Paper Crown

Use them during the ocean animals unit or when talking about sea life with your class. Students can glue on the stingy tentacles to make the jellyfish paper crown look even better.

These lovely paper headbands will suit kids and adults, as they can be adjusted by cutting the strips off to the preferred length. Follow the simple instructions on the last page to assemble the paper hat.

Jellyfish Paper Hat Template

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Template

Have fun crafting your feathered friend with the help of our Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Template.

It is effortless to make and appropriate for kids of all ages.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

The set includes two types of templates.

The first is a tracing template where kids need to trace the peacock parts onto the color paper.

Choose between a printer-friendly or a full-colored version if you don’t want to trace.

We suggest printing the templates on heavier paper to make the craft last longer.

Follow the instructions on crafting your peacock paper roll with our step-by-step tutorial in the set.

Have fun!

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Template

Dog Paper Roll Craft Template

Ready to make a surprise craft? If you love pets, we got a lovely Dog Paper Roll Craft Template for your kids to color and put together.

You can place candies or hidden messages inside of it, and we bet children will love it.

Dog Paper Roll Craft Template

The set includes two versions – a printer-friendly one for kids to color and a full colored version ready to print and put together.

The assembling is easy following the provided instructions. This craft will be fun the whole year-round.

Dog Paper Roll Template