Build a Puppet Halloween Craft

Can you ever have too many Halloween crafts? We don’t think so!

This build-a-puppet Halloween craft template features a set of 5 different Halloween monsters your kids will love to make and play with. These are great to make at home or in the classroom as they are an easy no-prep activity.

The five puppets included in the set are a witch craft, a vampire craft, a Frankenstein craft, a Jack-o-lantern craft, and a skeleton craft. All of these printable puppet crafts come both as a pre-colored template or as a black and white template the kids can either color or you can print them on colored paper.

If you are making this in the classroom, we have also included sheets that make printing even easier (with all eyes on one sheet, and multiple sets of mouths on another…)

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Printable Halloween Finger Puppets – Witch, Vampire, Ghost…

These fun printable Halloween Finger Puppets for kids will ignite the imagination of your little ones! This spooky set includes 10 different Halloween characters perfect for the scariest time of the year. Fun to create and play with.

Introducing our Halloween Finger Puppets, available in both pre-colored and black-and-white versions, ready to unleash a spooky world of creativity. Treat your little ones to the bewitching pre-colored puppets or let their imaginations run wild as they conjure their own ghoulish designs on the black-and-white ones.

The spooky cast includes a ghost, a wicked witch, a spooky skeleton, a vampire, a skeleton, a creepy mummy, a ghastly zombie, a Jack-o-lantern, a Frankenstein’s monster, and his bride.

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Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Make the beloved Halloween character pop with these Halloween paper craft templates that combine coloring pages with crafting.

Kids will create holiday-themed 3D paper creations with our unique Halloween paper craft templates.

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

The printable set of templates includes five Halloween crafts for kids.

Kids can create a flying bat, a cute cat with a witches hat, a witch and a cauldron, a field of pumpkins, and a crawly spider.

Each version comes with instructions on how to assemble the craft.

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Halloween Paper Craft

Paper Roll Zebra Template

Paper Roll Zebra Template

Hop into another fun project and assemble your own Paper Roll Zebra Template.

It’s super easy and fun!

Paper Roll Zebra Template

The set includes three different templates.

Choose a tracing zebra template if you want to draw the zebra patterns on your own.

The second template is a printer-friendly one – have kids color the parts.

If you want to start assembling the craft immediately, print out the pre-colored version, cut out the parts, and start putting together your zebra.

Paper Roll Zebra

Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Fly with the legendary creatures and craft your one in no time. Your kids can color their dragon movable paper doll template however they want. The craft is fun and easy to assemble.

Choose a heavier print paper or construction paper to make this dragon doll craft last longer. If you decide to go with the regular paper, you could also laminate the pieces before assembling them.

Dragon Paper Doll

The set includes a printer-friendly version and three full-color versions (green, purple, and red dragon).

To assemble your dragon, follow the instructions provided on each page of the template.

Punch out the holes from the body and dragon’s wings. Use paper split pins (paper fasteners) to combine the wings with the body and push them through the designated holes. Now string the thread through the two holes that are left and tie.

Your dragon is ready to fly – pull the threads and watch its wings move.

Dragon Movable Paper Doll Template

Paper Roll Snake Template

Jump in and craft with the help of the Paper Roll Snake Template.

The cute paper reptile is super easy and fun to assemble.

Paper Roll Snake

The set includes three templates – a tracing template and two others (a printer-friendly version that kids can color and a pre-colored version).

We love how our snake turned out. And what is best, you can create it in no time.

It is a perfect craft for kindergartners and all those who love snakes.

Paper Roll Snake Template

Paper Plate Mouse Craft Template

Have some fun creating with our Paper Plate Mouse Craft Template. It’s super easy and fun to make.

You’ll only need some basic crafting materials.

Paper Plate Mouse Craft

The set includes a tracing template.

Assemble your mouse by following the instructions on the same page as the template is.

When you finish, kids can play with a craft stick mouse inside the cheese by making it peek out.

Have fun!

Paper Plate Mouse Craft Template

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Get ready to add another farm animal to your crafting projects. Print out the donkey movable paper doll template – it’s fun and easy to assemble.

Kids can color the donkey with their coloring supplies, or you can choose to print out the full-color version.

We recommend printing the template on a heavier print paper or construction paper to make the fun last longer. Laminating the paper parts of the paper doll will make the donkey sturdier.

Donkey Paper Doll

Cut out the parts, and punch out holes designated by spots. Use paper fasteners (split pins or bras) to attach and secure the legs by pushing them through the holes. Take a thread and string in through the remaining two holes, then tie.

Your movable craft is ready. Pull the threads and enjoy playing with your running donkey.

Donkey Movable Paper Doll Template

Paper Roll Dinoasur Template

Paper Roll Dinosaur

We got a captivating Paper Roll Dinosaur Craft Template for your kids to assemble!

Get ready to transform ordinary paper rolls into prehistoric creatures.

Paper Roll Dinosaur

The set includes three printable templates.

Have kids use the tracing version to cut out and trace the dinosaur shapes onto colored paper and add their personal touch.

If your kids prefer coloring, the printer-friendly template, choose the second version and have them add vibrant hues to their dinosaurs.

And for those seeking instant dino fun, we’ve included a full-colored version ready to assemble immediately.

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Paper Roll Dinosaur Template

Shark Paper Craft Template

Shark Paper Craft

We got an easy ocean animal to get creative with – use our Shark Paper Craf Template and have fun!

They will look great placed on a wall!

Shark Paper Craft

The set includes three printable templates.

Print out the tracing template if you want to trace the shark parts.

If your kids want to color the shark, choose the black-and-white version.

And if they want to start assembling the pre-colored shark, print out the last version in the set.

We recommend printing the pages on heavier print paper.

Shark Paper Craft Template

Craft Stick Tiger Template

This Craft Stick Tiger Template will be perfect if your kids love big cats.

It’s super fun and easy to assemble!

Craft Stick Tiger

The set includes a printable tracing template for making a craft stick tiger.

Print out the page, cut out the parts and follow the instructions on assembling the tiger.

It is perfect for younger and older kids and will look fabulous wherever you place it!

Craft Stick Tiger Template

Paper Roll Giraffe Template

Paper Roll Giraffe

We present a delightful Paper Roll Giraffe Template designed especially for kids.

What makes this craft even more remarkable is the use of wooden craft sticks for the giraffe’s legs, adding a touch of creativity and dimension to the final piece.

Paper Roll Giraffe

This craft offers two options: a tracing template for those who enjoy drawing and creating their giraffe and two versions ready to print, color, and assemble.

You can use the printer-friendly and full-color version without a paper roll.

We recommend using heavier print paper to assemble the giraffe.

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And remember, have fun!

Paper Roll Giraffe Template

Starfish Paper Hats Printable Template

Love summer crafts? Let’s make a fun starfish paper hat for this summer. Kids will love coloring it with their best coloring supplies and enjoy wearing their unique hats.

Starfish Paper Crown
Choose between 3 versions to print – a b&w one, a pre-colored version, or a partly-colored starfish paper crown template.
Kids will enjoy wearing their sea star paper hat during the ocean animals unit or during storytime. The hat can also come in handy for summer parties.
To assemble the paper hat, follow the provided instructions on cutting and gluing the crown together on the set’s last page.

Starfish Paper Hat Template

Paper Plate Dinosaur Template

Paper Plate Dinosaur

Join us on an exciting journey to a world where dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Have kids assemble their own Paper Plate Dinosaur Template and have some fun!

Paper Plate Dinosaur

We got two templates to choose from.

First up is the tracing template, where kids need vibrant color papers. Kids can bring their favorite dinosaurs to life by tracing the outlines and cutting out the shapes.

For those who prefer a coloring experience, we’ve included a printer-friendly version of the template. If kids can’t wait to jump right into the dino adventure, we got a ready-to-use version (a full-colored one).

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Paper Plate Dinosaur Template

Paper Firefly Craft Template

Want to have your very own firefly at home? We prepared a neat Paper Firefly Craft Template for your kids to color and put together.

All you’ll need are a few materials and our template.

Firefly Paper Craft

The set includes two versions – a printer-friendly template and a pre-colored one. The firefly will stand out nicely among the grass at nighttime, and we bet your kids will love it.

They can color the glowing part in any color they like – yellow, red, light green.

And if you want, you can glue a straw or a craft stick to the backside of your paper firefly craft too.

Firefly Paper Craft Template

Printable Dog Paper Craft Template

Enjoy creating an adorable evergreen craft in only a few minutes. We got a Printable Dog Paper Craft Template to share with your young ones.

It’s fun and super easy to put together.

Printable Dog Paper Craft

The printable set includes a template with all the parts you’ll need to create your paper dog.

Trace the shapes onto color paper, cut them out, and start assembling your pet.

Our dog is holding a bone and looks delighted laying on its back.

Have fun crafting!

Printable Dog Paper Craft Template

Bow-Tie Shirt Father’s Day Card Template

Bow-Tie Shirt Father’s Day Card Idea

We got a perfect way for kids to show their dad how much they love him with our easy craft.

Have the young ones make a cute Bow-Tie Father’s Day Card with our templates!

Bow-Tie Shirt Father’s Day Card Idea

Our printable set includes a larger card template with much space for a heartfelt message and a smaller one that fits perfectly on a single page.

Both templates are available in full-color versions too!

Kids will create a unique card that will bring a big smile to their dad’s face.

You can access our printable Bow-Tie template from our membership library.

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Let’s make this Father’s Day extra special!

Bow-Tie Shirt Father’s Day Card Template

Peek-a-Boo Shark Craft

With its delightful peek-a-boo concept, this craft template will captivate children and adults alike. Dive into the world of these magnificent creatures as you bring your shark to life. Simply print the template, follow the easy instructions, and let your creativity take the plunge.

The black-and-white version allows you to customize your shark’s appearance. Bring out the artist within as you choose vibrant or realistic hues to make your shark truly one-of-a-kind. Let your imagination swim freely and experiment with different color combinations, patterns, and textures.

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our pre-colored version is perfect for you. It showcases a beautifully designed shark with striking colors and intricate details, ready to be assembled. Just print, cut, and assemble, and your playful shark will be ready to make a splash in no time.

In addition to the shark craft, we added an extra touch of creativity with a collection of writing prompts. These prompts are designed to spark imagination and encourage storytelling, making them a fantastic addition to the craft activity. Incorporate the prompts by attaching them to the completed shark craft and transform them into a captivating bulletin board display in your classroom. Watch as your students’ written expressions dive deeper into the ocean-themed world, creating an immersive and educational experience for everyone involved. Let the combination of crafts and writing prompts inspire and engage young minds.

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