Peek-a-Boo Shark Craft

With its delightful peek-a-boo concept, this craft template will captivate children and adults alike. Dive into the world of these magnificent creatures as you bring your shark to life. Simply print the template, follow the easy instructions, and let your creativity take the plunge.

The black-and-white version allows you to customize your shark’s appearance. Bring out the artist within as you choose vibrant or realistic hues to make your shark truly one-of-a-kind. Let your imagination swim freely and experiment with different color combinations, patterns, and textures.

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our pre-colored version is perfect for you. It showcases a beautifully designed shark with striking colors and intricate details, ready to be assembled. Just print, cut, and assemble, and your playful shark will be ready to make a splash in no time.

In addition to the shark craft, we added an extra touch of creativity with a collection of writing prompts. These prompts are designed to spark imagination and encourage storytelling, making them a fantastic addition to the craft activity. Incorporate the prompts by attaching them to the completed shark craft and transform them into a captivating bulletin board display in your classroom. Watch as your students’ written expressions dive deeper into the ocean-themed world, creating an immersive and educational experience for everyone involved. Let the combination of crafts and writing prompts inspire and engage young minds.

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Tortoise and Turtle Clothespin Puppets

Make a couple of chitty chatty clothespin puppet turtles.

This craft is really easy to make, print the template, cut out the turtles and glue them on the clothespin. Press the clothespin and watch the turles move their mouth. This is a great craft to spark imagination with kids and a wonderful addition to story time.

Print the precolored ones or the black and white ones that your kids can color in all by themselves.

Turtle Clothespin Puppet Printable Template

Surprise Crocodile Printable

Need a fun crocodile craft or alligator craft? This Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable is a great rainy day craftivity for kids. As it’s a no prep activity it’s a great craft for the classroom too.

Printable Jellyfish Mask Template

Print out these masks and wiggle like a jellyfish!

With two cute jellyfish masks to choose from your kids will have hours of fun (add our other printable ocean animals masks and you are looking at days of fun). Print the pre colored jelly fish mask  for instant fun or opt for the black and white version and have a creative arty session first, as kids decorate their own jellyfish masks as they see fit.

Works best when printed on cardstock / heavier print paper.

Printable Jellyfish Mask Template

Printable Dolphin Mask Template

Print out our dolphin mask duo, one pre colored and one in black and white for kids to color in by themselves, and let the fun begin.

These are great to include in your dramatic corner (along with our other ocean animals printable masks) and they are great for dramatic play.

Best printed on heavier print paper / cardstock.

Printable Dolphin Mask Template

Printable Crab Mask Template

Crab Printable Masks

There are so many amazing creatures under the sea, and crab certainly is one of them. This cute printable crab mask template will take pretend play to a whole new level. Print out our pre colored crab mask template or use the black and white one and have the kids color the crab however they see fit.

The crab printable mask works best when printed on heavier print paper or cardstock.

Printable Crab Mask Template

Printable Clown fish Mask Template

Clownfish Mask

Get silly with the clownfish. If your students are fans of these fish or if they want to put up a play of Finding Nemo, this cool printable mask will do the job.

We prepared a pre-colored version that is ready to go as well as a black and white version that kids can color in by themselves.

These printable paper masks work best when printed on cardstock.

Printable Clownfish Mask Template

Scissor Skills Jellyfish Craft

This wonderful craft will turn out best if you make the jellyfish body and tentacles in different colors. This can be done either by printing the template on papers in different colors or having the kids color in the templates by themselves.

Two sizes are included so these are suitable for younger kids too. Great for cutting beginners as the body of the jellyfish slightly curvy but big enough so it’s easy to cut, while the tentacles are made by straight cuts only.

A fun summer craft for preschool and kindergarten.

Jellyfish Crafts for Kids With Printable Template

Printable Shark Pop up Card

This shark is ready to take a bite! Make the coolest shark pop up card with your kids – this little craft is quick and easy to make and it’s made to entertain.

Print the template (multiple sizes available both in full color and black and white), color if you printed the black and white version and cut around the card. Also cut a rectangle out of red construction paper in the same size as the card. Fold both in half. Cut along the zig zag line between the teeth, make a couple of folds, add a dab of glue and you are done. A wonderful summer craft or a shark week craft for shark fans.

Shark Pop Up Card Printable Template

Simple Octopus Paper Craft

This fun octopus paper craft is great for scissor practice – we’ve included a variety of templates so you can easily get just the one that’s right for your age group.

This little fellow can be used both as an octopus craft or as an jellyfish craft.

Single page craft, as well as classroom friendly version with body pieces and head on separate sheets perfect for printing on paper in different colors.


Twist and Pop Father’s Day Card

Make a super memorable Father’s day card – this twist and pop card is here to impress. On top of it being really cool it’s also pretty easy to make (instructions included).

It’s one of the coolest Fathers day card out there.

Twist and Pop Fathers Day Card Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day Agamograph

Mother's Day Agamograph

Why not give a agamograph instead of a Mother’s day card? This fun mother’s day craft will entertain kids of all ages.

Let them color in the agamograph, fold it and gift it to the best mom out there.

Instructions included.

Night and Day Agamograph

Night and Day Agamograph

Night and day theme (or sun and moon) is a perfect one to be explored through an agamograph.

Print out the agamograph (two versions and instructions are included), and let the kids color and fold it. Once folded the picture will switch from day to night, from sun to moon, as you move it left and right (or you move around it).

Night and Day Agamograph

Tulip in a Heart Card Template

Tulip in a Heart Card Template

Our printable Tulip in a Heart Card Template PDF is the perfect way to add a heartfelt touch to your next special occasion! Tulip in a Heart Card Template

Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun activity to do with your kids or an educator seeking a unique craft project for your students, this template is an excellent choice.

Our beautifully designed template features a charming tulip nestled in the center of a heart, creating a delightful and eye-catching design that kids will love.  Whether you’re making a card for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just to say “I love you,” this template provides the perfect foundation for your project.

There are 3 versions of the template;

  • the black and white template for tracing on colored papers (all parts are on one sheet) – perfect for use at home
  • full-color template – a quick no-prep activity
  • template for printing on colored paper – perfect for the classroom – each part of the template is on a separate sheet, the big heart on one, small heart on another, stem and leaves together and flowers together so you can easily print them on colored paper.

So why wait? Download our printable Tulip in a Heart Card Template PDF today!


Mother’s Day Card 3D Heart

Mother's Day Printable Card

Print out this sweet Mother’s day card template – this is an easy Mother’s day craft that can be made both in the classroom or at home.

The heart pops out of the card, making it really stand out.

The card comes as a one sheet template, you have the card base, the heart template as well as instructions all included in one place – so this makes it a great classroom project.

Simple Mothers Day Card Idea for Kids

Printable Coloring Corner Bookmarks for Kids

Printable Corner Bookmarks for Kids

10 fun simple corner bookmarks to color.

Designs include:

  • frog on a lily pad
  • Saturn in space
  • triceratops
  • ice cream
  • star fish
  • sleeping fox
  • silly monster
  • butterfly silhouette
  • happy catterpillar
  • car

Printable Corner Bookmarks for Kids


3D Flower Paper Craft

Paper Craft Flowers 3D Coloring Pages make a great mix of paper crafts and coloring pages. There are a couple of different sizes of flowers included in this template so these are suitable for a wide age range.

Instructions for this paper craft are also included.

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets

These are extraordinary for story time or to keep the children occupied on rainy days – you can have a in your dramatic play corner and have the kids act out the story.

6 characters included

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • mother
  • grandma
  • wolf
  • wolf in a disguise
  • hunter

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets