Heart Flower Craft Template

Make a card with a twist! This heart flower card is great both as a Valentine’s day craft or as a Mother’s day craft (or well to make someone’s day at any day of the year).

It’s fairly simple to fold so it’s suitable for younger kids too.

Add a personal note inside or a drawing from the heart and you have a sweet little card.

Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Craft Card

One of the coolest Mother’s day crafts kids can make – make a twist and pop Mother’s day card.

Both 1 kid and optimized for printing classroom craft edition PDF’s for this project are included.

Printable instructions are included in the PDF.

Mother's Day Twist and Pop Card Template

Flower Paper Rings

Print out the template. Print the flowers on a flowery color (red, pink, purple, yellow all work out nicely) and the ring base on green.

The base is best printed on heavier paper, while flowers can be printed on regular weight (print) paper too.

Trophy Card

Best people in the world deserve to know they are the best and that’s where this Trophy card comes in.

This easy and fun project can be used as a Father’s day card or a Mother’s day card – or for any other person really. Easy to make and fun to give.

Printable Farm Animal Finger Puppets

These farm animal puppets will fit on any finger, as you can adjust the perimeter while creating the “body” of each of the animals (cut as much paper as is needed to go around the finger).

Puppets are great multi-sensory toys for play storytelling and help develop other important social skills too.

Printable Bug Finger Puppets

Print out all of the Printable Bugs Finger Puppets – the butterfly, ant, spider, bee, grasshopper and bettle, or choose the bug puppet you want to make. Print out, assemble (simple instructions included) and play!

Shirt Card

Make a fancy looking shirt card – a fun Father’s day card kids can make either in school or at home.

A fun no prep Father’s day craft.

Thumbs up for the Best Dad Card

Let’s give a thumbs up for the best dad around! This Fathers day craft can be made either by tracing the child’s hand or using the hand template provided in the craft template.


Easter Cootie Catchers

A set of Easter fortune tellers for your Easter craft session.

A fun set of chicks and bunnies that come both pre-colored and in black and white version.

Surprise Dog Printable

Big Mouth Dog Printable

Print out this Surprise Big Mouth Dog Printable – the small or the big one (small one is perfect for classroom use). They are best printed on heavier print paper.

Once printed let the kids color the dog and even draw additional details to this craftivity. Two folds and it’s done.


Surprise Hippo Printable

Surprise Big Mouth Hippo Printable is a great rainy day craftivity for kids, or an fun after school project when you want a simple stress free activity you and your kids can do together. As it’s a no prep activity it’s a great craft for the classroom too.


Surprise Fish Printable

Summer break is a great time of the year for all kinds of craftivities. This Surprise Big Mouth Fish Printable is a great summer craft for a rainy day.

Print out the template, have the kids color it and even draw a smaller fish inside the mouth of the big one (or any other drawing if they wish), make two simple folds and it’s done.

Surprise Shark Card

Celebrate shark week with this Surprise Big Mouth Shark Printable, it’s a fun little shark craft that is more than perfect for summer.

Print the template on heavier print paper (preferably) have the kids color it and, if they want, draw additional details. Two folds later you have a wonderful paper toy card.

Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph

Explore the life cycle of a butterfly with this fun no prep craft. Print out the agamograph template (best on cardstock) and let the kids color it in. Once they are done coloing it, let them cut it out. Last but not least comes the folding part – kids need to fold along all the parallel lines (make an accordion). All done.

Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph

Learning about life cycles can be hard, but this ladybug agamograph is here to help.

It shows 4 stages of the ladybug life cycle and it’s a wonderful no prep activity that can just as easily be done in the classroom as in the home.

Print the template, let the kids color it and fold.