Faces Symmetry Drawing

Let your students learn about symmetry and also practice their drawing with this set of fun portrait faces symmetry drawing activity pages.

There are 12 different faces to choose from with different levels of details kids will need to draw (boys, girls, women, men and even a grandpa and grandma).

Keep it simple with faces that only have the simple hair or challenge your students with portraits that have hats, braids, wear glasses…

A fun art project to do at home or in the classroom.

Faces Symmetry Drawing Printable

Blank Faces Drawing Prompts

Blank Faces Drawing Prompts

If your students aren’t yet ready to draw a portrait why not offer them a drawing prompt where they just need to draw in the facial features. Let them finish up the drawings by drawing a face.

These are also great for morning work as they are a low prep activity that doesn’t take a lot of time to finish. These are also great for emotions study, print them out and have the kids draw different emotions on the blank faces.

9 fun designs included.

Blank Faces Drawing Prompts