Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets

These are extraordinary for story time or to keep the children occupied on rainy days – you can have a in your dramatic play corner and have the kids act out the story.

6 characters included

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • mother
  • grandma
  • wolf
  • wolf in a disguise
  • hunter

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets

Printable Bug Finger Puppets

Print out all of the Printable Bugs Finger Puppets – the butterfly, ant, spider, bee, grasshopper and bettle, or choose the bug puppet you want to make. Print out, assemble (simple instructions included) and play!

Printable Easter Finger Puppets

A simple Easter craft or activity to do with the kids. Print out the puppets, either in color or black and white, cut them out, make two holes for the fingers and the play can begin.

These are best printed on heavier print paper / cardstock.

Printable Christmas Finger Puppets

These Printable Christmas Finger puppets really are something special as they make your favorite festive characters pop to life. These are a fun Christmas craft idea for kids to make, not only for the crafting part but for playing with them too.

There are 4 different puppets included in this X-mas set: a Santa Claus, Reindeer (with the red nose in colored version), elf and a gingerbread man. This set of printable puppets comes both in black and white for kids to color in as well as in precolored version that does not need coloring.

We recommend printing these on heavier print paper, although they work out just as nice on regular print paper.

Printable Christmas Finger Puppets - Easy Christmas craft for kids