3D Flower Paper Craft

Paper Craft Flowers 3D Coloring Pages make a great mix of paper crafts and coloring pages. There are a couple of different sizes of flowers included in this template so these are suitable for a wide age range.

Instructions for this paper craft are also included.

Flower Paper Rings

Print out the template. Print the flowers on a flowery color (red, pink, purple, yellow all work out nicely) and the ring base on green.

The base is best printed on heavier paper, while flowers can be printed on regular weight (print) paper too.

3D Flower Mothers Day Card Template

Flower Card Craft Template - Mothers Day Card Kids can Make

This original Mother’s day card idea will delight both the parent as well as kid making the card. With many paper loops the kids have to make, this one is great for fine motor skill.

Both the template and simple instructions on the template are included. To make this craft, you will require a sheet of green heavier print paper / card stock, regular print paper in color for petals, yellow paper to glue the photo of the kids face on, scissors and glue.

Flower Card Craft Template - Mothers Day Card Kids can Make

Rose Guided Drawing Printable

Rose Guided Drawing Printable – this printable step by step tutorial will teach your students how to draw a rose in no time.