Goat Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Goat

Goat Guided Drawing Printable

Our Goat Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Goat tutorial will come in handy when learning about farm animals.

Grab your markers and favorite coloring supplies and learn with us!

How to Draw a Goat Step by Step Tutorial

The set includes two printable step-by-step drawing instructions.

On the first page, kids will repeat the steps marked with red to draw a goat to the bottom of the paper.

If you want your student to create their goat on a separate paper, use the tutorial on the second page.

Learning how to draw with steps is a great fine motor skill exercise.

Goat Guided Drawing Printable

Printable Goat Mask Template

Goats are one of the more fun animals you can find on a farm, they are fun looking and do all kinds of fun stuff. Running around and jumping like a goat is a sure way to get rid of all that excess energy.

Print the masks – either the black and white one or the pre-colored one and let the fun begin.

Printable Goat Mask Template