Changing Emotions Witch Craft

Let your kids explore all kinds of emotions with this fun-changing emotions witch craft. It’s super easy to assemble and makes for a great conversation starter about coping with different kids of feelings and emotions.

Both pre-colroed and black and white versions are included in this template.

Halloween Corner Bookmark Craft Template

Need a simple and inexpensive Halloween gift for your students? Or a quick and fun activity to make with them at your Halloween classroom party? Bring these Halloween corner bookmarks to the table!

These printable bookmarks are really easy to make – you just need scissors and glue (and coloring supplies if you are printing the black-and-white version). A few quick snips and a dab of glue, and your kids will have bookmarks that are ready to bite at the pages of their favorite books.

There are four different Halloween bookmark designs included – a vampire, a witch, a black cat, and a pumpkin.

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

Let’s make a Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game that will be fun, especially for younger pre-K and K students.

Celebrate the spooky holiday by improving a variety of skills.

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game

The shadow match game aims for kids to look at the silhouettes, recognize them, and then place the corresponding image onto its shadow.

The set includes two pages with Halloween-themed images: a vampire, a spider on its web, a witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, a bat, a mummy, a zombie, and a skeleton.

Kids can also make up their own stories about the characters and place them in the shadows while they talk about them.

Setting up the game is fast – slide the first two pages into the file folder, and laminate the following two pages.

Cut out all of the Halloween characters, stick Velcro dots on the back of the images and onto the shadows, and you’re ready to go.

Halloween Shadow Matching File Folder Game for Kindergarten

Pumpkin Pie Letter Matching

Work on letter recognition for Halloween and print out our Pumpkin Pie Letter Matching activity.

The set is great for kindergarten students and all kids who need some basic ABCs practice.

Pumpkin Pie Letter Matching

There are nine full-colored pages in the set.

Kids need to match the lowercase letters and place them onto the correct pumpkin pie that has a matching uppercase letter.

They will work on recognizing the letters of the alphabet and have fun while learning.

We recommend using heavier print paper and laminating the pieces for more extended use.

Pumpkin Pie Letter Matching Activity

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template

Have fun for holidays by coloring our Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template made entirely out of paper.

The craft is super easy to make and will be great for putting different treats inside it for the spooky evening.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes Template

This set has two different templates – a Halloween Ghost Treat Box and a Halloween Jack o’Lantern Treat Box.

The set includes a full-colored and printer-friendly version, so kids can color their ghosts and pumpkins in various ways to match their boxes.

Printable Halloween Treat Boxes

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template

Are you ready for the spookiest holiday in the year?

Grab your own Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template, color it and assemble three different characters.

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts Template

You’ll be making three movable paper dolls – a bat, a spider, and a cat. The set includes a printer-friendly and a full-colored version.

You will need our templates, scissors, coloring supplies, and some split pins to put these characters together.

Instructions on how to assemble each one are waiting for you inside the set.

Have fun making Halloween crafts with your kids.

Simple Movable Halloween Crafts

Witch Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Witch

Let’s learn how to draw a well-known Halloween character with our witch directed drawing tutorial.

It’s super easy to follow, and kids get to color it afterward.

Witch Guided Drawing Printable

This set includes two drawing tutorials – one with a space for students to draw the witch on the same paper where the guide is, and a second tutorial without the area for kids to draw (kids will be drawing the witch on a separate piece of paper).

Have fun for Halloween!

How to Draw a Witch Step by Step Tutorial

Printable Halloween Windsocks Template

Enjoy coloring and assembling each Printable Halloween Windsocks Template and have fun for the spooky holiday.

These paper windsocks are super easy to assemble and perfect for kids of all ages.

Printable Halloween Windsocks Template

The set includes three different Halloween characters: a witch, a vampire, and a Frankenstein’s monster.

You can choose between pre-colored and printer-friendly versions for printing.

To put each character together, you can follow our instructions found in the printable set.

Happy Halloween!

Printable Halloween Windsocks

Surprise Monster Printable

Big Mouth Monster

What hides inside this monster’s mouth? Have your kids draw all kinds of different things that could be hidden inside with this Surprise Big Mouth Monster Printable.

Big Mouth Monster

Monster Match Halloween File Folder Game

Can you match up all the Halloween monsters? Find the bottom parts of each of the 16 Halloween characters and complete this file folder puzzle.

Find the bottom half of the mummy, 2 bats, 4 scary monsters, a cat, a ghost, a skeleton, a vampire and a witch.

A fun game that’s perfect for toddlers and preschool although kids in kindergarten will enjoy it too.

To set up the game, print all 3 pages. Set the first two aside and cut the 16 rectangles with the bottom parts of Halloween monster bodies. Laminate those pieces and attach Velcro dots on the back. Now back to the first two sheets – you can leave them as they are, or cut around the frame. Once cut you can either laminate them and stick them inside the file folder or stick them in the file folder and laminate the file folder (you can also use clear self adhesive foil). Stick a velcor dot inside the dashed line rectangle. Find the pairs.

Monster Match Halloween File Folder Game

Pumpkin Multiplication File Folder Game

Make your own little pumpkin patch with this easy and fun multiplication file folder game. This one focuses on multiplication with numbers up to 10 (results under 100). Solve the equation on the pumpkin patch and match the correct pumpkin.

Simple equations are on the patch and the results are on the pumpkins. A fun file folder game for revision of multiplication or to give to kids who struggle with multiplication to give them a stress free way to improve their multiplication skills.

Laminate this file folder game for best durability.

Great to use during fall season or for Halloween learning.

Pumpkin Patch Multiplication File Folder Game

Halloween Pop up Card Template

Need a fun and easy Halloween craft idea? These Halloween pop up cards are great boredom busters either for a afternoon crafting at home or to make in the classroom.

We’ve made 3 different Halloween monsters for this set – a vampire with cool looking fangs, a wicked witch and a jack o lantern pumpkin.

If you are throwing a classroom Halloween party or a Halloween party for kids at your home, these make a great addition to your crafting station.

Halloween Color by Code Addition within 5

These addition worksheets are appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners.

The pages include numbers 1 – 5 and are easy to color in.

Simple addition equations incorporated in pictures will help your kids to become better at math later on.

Students need to solve the problems in the picture (find the total of two numbers) and color the sections with the same sum in the same color.

They will be solving simple horizontal and vertical addition within 5 while coloring a cat, a pumpkin filled with candies, and a witch.

Halloween Color by Code Addition within 5


Moving Eyes Halloween Portraits

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

Decorate your home or your classroom with these fun moving eyes Halloween portraits, as you walk past them the eyes of the monsters will always follow you. How cool is that?

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

4 Halloween monsters are included, everyone spooky jet cute. Let your kids (or you) make a moving eye portrait of a vampire, witch, Frankenstein’s monster or a jack o lantern. Have the kids color in the monsters or have them use the pre-colored templates.

Such a fun Halloween craft to make.

Halloween Color by Letter

These color by letter worksheets are great for Halloween as they feature a couple of pretty spooky (yet cute) designs.

Kids need to find the sections with the same letters and color them in the same color – as the key at the bottom shows.

The worksheets include upper and lowercase letters and are great for letter recognition.

There are 3 pages that need coloring. On the first page, there is a Halloween cat wearing a hat. The second page has a big jack-o-lantern filled with candies. And on the last one, there is a witch holding a broom.

Halloween Color by Letter

Halloween Coloring Pages

This set of Halloween coloring pages is perfect to celebrate this spooky holiday.

There are 3 different designs to color in – a cat with a hat, a jack-o-lantern full of candies, and a witch holding a broom.

These pages are appropriate for pre-K and older kids who love to color – they can also add some of their own backgrounds, draw some bats or anything they see fit.

Halloween Coloring Pages


Silly Spider Coloring Pages

Looking for some simple and fun coloring pages for your kids? These silly spider coloring pages will keep your kids busy for some time. Two fun (or scary?) spider coloring pages just waiting to be colored.

They will be perfect during Halloween or any other time in the year.

The designs have wide areas to color in and are suitable for younger and a bit older kids.

Enjoy these cute crawlers and let your kids color them however they like.

Silly Spider Coloring Pages

Halloween Color by Code Subtraction Within 10

Help your kids to improve their subtraction skilly with this set of Halloween color by code pages.

Kids will be practicing how to subtract numbers from 1 to 10 and have fun at the same time.

These worksheets will keep your students active as they’ll be solving some basic subtraction problems and using their favorite coloring supplies to finish off each page.

There are 3 different pages in this set that include horizontal and vertical subtraction.

The first one has a cat with a hat on it. On the second one, kids will be coloring a jack-o-lantern filled with candies. And the third one includes a witch with a broom.

Halloween Color by Code Subtraction Within 10