Candy Corn Number Sense File Folder Game

Let your young learners practice number sense with this engaging Halloween file folder game. Your kids will be building up candy corns by matching the different ways of showing the same number. Let them match up a numeric value, number word and a ten frame.

With numbers from 1 to 10, this file folder game is best suited for preschool and early kindergarten.

Candy corns need to be cut into 3 pieces, the white part with the number, the yellow with the number word and orange with the ten frame.

We recommend laminating this candy corn number sense file folder game for durability.

Halloween Candy Corn Number Sense File Folder Game

Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Card

These Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards make a wonderful and easy Halloween craft for kids to make. They can be a project to do at school or at home.

Print the cards – the full color or black and white version, cut out the rectangle and make two simple folds and your magic surprise card is done.

There are 5 fun designs included – a Jack o lantern hiding a cat, a ghost, a vampire, a witch and a monster.

Printable Surprise Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Video tutorial:

Color Matching Halloween File Folder Game

Lets work on some color visual discrimination by sorting the hats into the correct boxes. Each hat is colored with 3 different colors – there are 16 hats all together and each of them has it’s own specific combination of three colors.

Kids need to look at the colors next to each of the empty boxes and match the hat that has the same 3 colors.

This fun Halloween file folder game is great for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Laminate the sheet with boxes and the witches hats, attach velcro dots and use over and over again.

Color Matching Halloween File Folder Game - Sort the Witches Hats

Printable Zombie Halloween Cards

Halloween Zombie Card

We believe there is a card for every holiday, and this printable zombie Halloween cards are awesome for the spookiest time of the year.

This fun zombie craft is all about braaaaaains. Easy to assemble this card is made to bring smiles on faces.

Print the card, fold the card in half. Cut the top parts of zombie heads and punch hole in the top part of the head as well as on the card. Secure with a split pin / paper fastener (most office supply stores carry them).

This card is available in full color as well as a black and white card that kids can color in by themselves.

Two sizes included.

Zombie Printable Halloween Card

Video tutorial:

Printable Spider Mask Template

Spider Mask

Who wants to be a creepy crawlie? This fun looking spider mask makes for a fun Halloween craft. It’s also a nice addition to other bug masks, making learning about insects even more fun for your little learners.

Printable Spider Mask Template

Printable Halloween Puppets Templates

Halloween Puppets

These Printable Halloween Puppets Templates make the coolest Halloween craft of this season! They are incredibly easy to assemble and oh so fun to play around with.

In this set there are 3 Halloween monsters waiting to get chatty – a silly looking witch, a vampire waiting to take a bite at something bloody and the Frankenstein’s monster.

All templates come in both full color and a black and white version that kids can color in by themselves.

Print on cardstock or heavier print paper, cut out, fold along the dashed lines. Apply glue on areas designated for glue and optionally add accessories – hands for all puppets, ears and hat for the witch, bolt ears for Frankenstein’s monster and ears and fangs for the vampire.

Halloween Puppets Templates For Kids

Video tutorial:

Halloween Counting to 10 File Folder Game

Counting to 10 Halloween File Folder Game

One, two, three, four, five spiders, one lizard, one, two, three feathers…. Nine eyeballs, 6 tiny bones and a whole lot of other spooky ingredients need to be sorted back on the shelves so that the witch won’t have any issues finding them.

This counting file folder game will have your kids practice their counting skills, as they count the spooky ingredients inside each of the jar. Let them practice countng from 1 to 10.

This printable file folder game works best if both the base and jars are laminated. Attach Velcro dots (or similar) above the numbers in the jars on the shelf and on the back of the jars filled with spooky (and icky) stuff.

Best suited for older toddlers and kids in preschool and kindergarten, however as Halloween is a fun holiday older kids will enjoy these as well.

Witches Jars Counting to 10 Halloween File Folder Game

Printable Witch Mask Template

Witch mask

This printable witch mask makes a fun Halloween craft project or an addition to story time or dramatic play – it goes along great with stories that include an evil witch (like The Wizard of Oz). Print out our other Halloween masks and put on a fantastic Halloween show.

This mask comes both as a precolored mask and as a black and white witch mask template that kids will need to color in by themselves – which is where the creativity can kick in.

Printable Witch Mask Template

Silly Halloween Monsters Coloring Pages

Halloween Monster Coloring Pages

Print out this set of Silly Halloween monsters coloring pages and watch your kids dive into coloring. With one design looking cooler than the other (or sillier?) it will be hard for your kids to choose which one to color in first.

These fun Halloween coloring pages feature 4 fun monsters for kids to color in. . There is a silly looking bony skeleton, a mummy on a run, a vampire flying to get himself some dinner, and a witch flying on a broom. All designs are both simple and fun enough to be interesting for a variety of age groups.

Printable Halloween Monster Coloring Pages


Printable Vampire Mask Template

Celebrate Halloween with our fun printable vampire mask. This Halloween mask can be paired with our bat mask (or any other of our Halloween masks, we have quite a few).

This makes a fun Halloween craft that can be easily done in the classroom or at home – it’s no prep and kids will enjoy making their own. Both pre-colored and black and white vampire mask that kids can decorate all by themselves are included.

Printable Vampire Mask Template

Printable Skeleton Mask Template

These printable skeleton face masks come both as a coloring page mask as well as the pre-colored mask.

Great for Halloween or if you have artsy kids to use as a template for them to draw the Day of the Dead designs on the mask.

Best printed on cardstock / heavier print paper.

Printable Skeleton Mask Template

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Super simple low prep craft for kids – print these monster clothespin puppets and have a craft day with your kids.

These are really fun to make, they make a great Halloween craft, and most importantly kids love them. Great for fine motor skills and imagination.

There are 4 monsters designs waiting to be printed and all of them come in both black and white and full color version. Instructions included on each page.

Printable Monster Clothespin Puppets

Video tutorial:

Printable Halloween Activity Book

Halloween Quiet Book

Ready to learn with a dash of spooky? Let your kids explore a whole range of basic skills for preschool and kindergarten with our Printable Halloween Activity Book.


  • colors with a fun monster body match – learn to read the words or just match the colors
  • Jack o Lantern pumpkin shape matching
  • counting from 1 to 9 and sorting jars on the witches shelf
  • matching faces to bodies – build a monster
  • missing letters of the alphabet – sort the letters in alphabet order
  • telling time
  • number sense with candy corn
  • color sorting / patterns
  • silhouette match
  • face changing bat

This printable quiet book works best when laminated.

This printable Halloween quiet book is available in FULL color as well as black and white that can be colored in by your or your kids.

Printable Halloween Quiet Book for Kids

Printable Jack-o-Lantern Mask Template

Carving pumpkins sure is fun but becoming Jack-o-lantern yourself sounds even more fun! Print out this scary looking pumpkin mask, either the pre-colored one or the black and white one that kids will have to color first, “carve” our the eyes, punch two holes, add string and be spooky!

This is a great Halloween craft to make in the classroom or at home – combine it with our other printable Halloween masks for even more fun.

Printable Jack-o-Lantern Mask Template

Printable Frankenstein Mask Template

Frankenstein Mask

Who’s afraid of Frankenstein’s monster? With this printable mask your kids / students will be able to pretend play that they are Frankenstein’s monster! With the black and white coloring page mask they can even create their own Frankenstein’s monster – let them color it in however they see fit.

These printable Halloween masks are best printed on heavier print paper (they are great low prep Halloween craft for the classroom).

Printable Frankenstein Mask Template

Silly Monsters Coloring Pages

Silly Monster Coloring Pages

Are you ready for Halloween? Print this set of monster coloring pages, there are 4 different monster designs just waiting to be colored by your kids.

Let the children grab their favorite coloring supplies and have them bring this monsters to life.
If your kids are afraid of monsters, these Halloween coloring pages are also great to help them overcome that fear. After your kids finish coloring all of the pages, you can display the colored monsters all over your home or in the classroom. The silly monsters will become guardians of your home or classroom and will keep other monsters away.
Monster Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Emotions Spinners Template

Halloween Emotions Spinners

Explore emotions or just have some fun with our Halloween emotions spinners. A witch, vampire and Jack-o-lantern will guide your kids through a variety of facial expressions and emotions. A fun Halloween craft for kids.

The witch will smile, give an angry look, be scared and in love. The vampire will smile too, give a menacing look, cry tears of sadness and be in love. Jack o lantern has a happy smiley face, sad look, mean look and a surprised one.

These come in full color and black and white for kids to color in. Best printed on heavier print paper.

To assemble, cut the bottom and top part of the paper toy and push the paper fastener through the middle.

Halloween Emotions Spinners With Printable Template

Video tutorial:

Surprise Halloween Cards Craft

These Surprise Halloween Cards are pure magic! 4 fun Halloween craft designs showcasing some transformation magic – a little ghost that will turn into a skeleton, a pumpkin that transforms into a scary looking Jack’o’Lantern monster, a witches hat that hides a wicked witch (she does look pretty friendly though) and a bat that turns into a vampire. Fun, fun, fun!

All of these surprise Halloween cards come in two sizes – one big, where one desing is prined across the page and smaller size with two designs per page, a classroom friendly edition. Both sizes also come both as a pre-colored craft as well as a colorin page version (black and white).

This craft is insanely easy to make, and simple instructions are printed next to the craft template.

Cut around the template, fold across the dashed line that goes through the head of these Halloween monsters and bring the fold to the dashed line at the lower half of the design (just above the legs). Make the folds nice and crisp and that’s all that there is to it.

Video tutorial: