Printable Heart Coloring Pages

Heart Coloring Pages

We’re sharing a collection of heart coloring pages that await your kid’s coloring supplies!

They’re ideal for coloring fun on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day celebrations!

Heart Coloring Pages

The whole set of heart coloring pictures includes 15 designs.

The printable sheets are suitable for kids of all ages; our collection features adorable animals holding hearts, intricate designs, flying hearts, and more!

Grab your set in a convenient PDF by logging into your account or becoming a member.

Let the coloring joy begin!

Heart Coloring Sheets

Printable Heart Templates

Free Printable Heart Templates

Get ready to make every crafting session a memorable experience with our printable heart templates.

These templates spark creativity and make crafting fun – perfect for engaging activities with preschoolers and pre-K children.

Free Printable Heart Templates

The set includes 64 pages filled with a variety of charming heart designs!

From giant, extra-large, large, medium, small, extra-small, tiny heart outlines to mixed-size hearts on one page, our collection ensures a neat array to suit every crafting need.

Ideas for kids on how to use the heart outline templates:

  • create personalized Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day cards
  • craft vibrant garlands
  • improve cognitive skills – have kids sort the heart templates based on colors, sizes, or patterns

The creative possibilities are endless.

To download your set today, log into your account (or become our member) and access the heart outline templates in our membership library.

Printable Heart Templates

Heart Book Craft Template

Make the most adorable little book that can be filled with memories.

Create a fun and interactive activity with your kids with this printable heart-shaped book template. The template is perfect for kids who love to draw and write as the pages of the book can be filled with drawings and writings. The template is easy to use and is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.