Car Guided Drawing – How to Draw

Let your little ones (or you) learn how to draw a car with this step by step tutorial.

Follow the simple steps and you will be able to draw a car on your own in no time.

Monkey Directed Drawing – How to Draw

This fun how to draw a monkey guide will be great for students who like drawing and even students and kids who think they don’t know how to draw. The easy to fol ow monkey drawing directions will have the kids drawing an adorable little monkey in no time.

9 simple steps to follow and you are done.

Lion Guided Drawing – How to Draw

This handy how to draw a lion printable is great for morning work. Give your kids something fun to do and have them learn how to draw a simple lion in no time.

Two different versions available, one with larger easier to see steps and one with smaller steps with room for the kids to draw their lion on the same page.

Combine this lion directed drawing printable with our other how to draw printables and make a how to draw book for your kids or students.

Baby Chick Drawing Guide – How to Draw

Print out these baby chick directed drawing instructions and have your students or kids learn how to draw a chick.

With just a few easy steps to follow, they will be drawing their own baby chick in no time.

Christmas Tree Guided Drawing Printable – How to Draw

Christmas Tree Guided Drawing Printable – with this fun and festive tutorial you will teach your students  how to draw a Christmas tree in no time.

We included two different layouts for printing, one with the tutorial printed on the whole page, and one with the steps printed on half page, with room for your student’s drawing on the bottom. Print out our other guided drawing printables and bind them into one fun book for the students to enjoy.

Snowman Guided Drawing Printable – How to Draw

Snowman Guided Drawing Printable

Snowman Guided Drawing Printable – these two handy printables are perfect to use in your classroom around Christmas time. The easy to follow how to draw a snowman tutorial will help them draw a simple snowman in no time. Perfect for all ages.

Snowman Guided Drawing Printable