Body Parts Clip Cards – Human Anatomy

Parts of the Body Clip Cards

Learning about the parts of the body? These body parts clip cards will help young learners to get to know some of our external body parts and will be a great addition to your human anatomy unit.

The set includes 24 body parts clip cards.

Each card has a big image of a body part on it and three written body parts to choose from. Kids need to recognize the body part and clip a clothespin onto the correct answer below.

Outer body parts included: hand, mouth, teeth, nose, eyebrow, eye, toes, ear, tongue, face, leg, head, foot, chest, arm, knee, elbow, chin, lips, finger, hair, shoulder, belly, and armpit.

If you want these body parts clip cards to last, we suggest laminating them. Students can also use dry-erase markers on the laminated cards to mark their answers.

Body Parts Clip Cards for Kindergarten