Jellyfish Paper Hats Printable Template

This jellyfish paper hat is super easy to assemble and fun to wear. The paper crown will be great for storytime or pretend-play with your students in the summer.

This set of templates includes 3 different pages – a pre-colored one, a partly-colored page, and a black and white jellyfish paper hat template.

Jellyfish Paper Crown

Use them during the ocean animals unit or when talking about sea life with your class. Students can glue on the stingy tentacles to make the jellyfish paper crown look even better.

These lovely paper headbands will suit kids and adults, as they can be adjusted by cutting the strips off to the preferred length. Follow the simple instructions on the last page to assemble the paper hat.

Jellyfish Paper Hat Template

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Want to color a bunch of sea animals? Get your crayons running and color all of the Jellyfish Coloring Pages.

The designs go from the most easy-to-color ones to more detailed ones and are appropriate for kids of all ages.

Jellyfish Coloring Sheets

There are 25 coloring sheets in this set. They will be perfect for summer or any other time during the year when you want to keep kids busy for a while.

Enjoy the vacations and holidays by coloring these amazing ocean animals.

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Jellyfish Guided Drawing – How to Draw a Jellyfish

Get ready to learn how to draw this amazing sea creature with our Jellyfish Guided Drawing – How to Draw tutorial. This guide is perfect for kids of all ages, and all those who love to draw.

Jellyfish Guided Drawing Printable

There are two tutorials in this set. The first page includes smaller tutorial images and has a space to draw on the sheet itself. The other guide has bigger step-by-step images and can be used to follow and draw on the separate sheet of paper.

Drawing this jellyfish is fun, as you’ll be done in 9 simple steps. It is perfect for summertime!

How to Draw a Jellyfish Step by Step Tutorial

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft Template

This fun summer craft will look great with tissue paper or as an more environment friendly alternative, newspaper that kids color / paint first. Add a string for hanging and you have a cool little decoration for your home or for your classroom – it will make a lovely dance in the air.

Template comes with craft instructions.

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft for Kids


Printable Jellyfish Mask Template

Print out these masks and wiggle like a jellyfish!

With two cute jellyfish masks to choose from your kids will have hours of fun (add our other printable ocean animals masks and you are looking at days of fun). Print the pre colored jelly fish mask  for instant fun or opt for the black and white version and have a creative arty session first, as kids decorate their own jellyfish masks as they see fit.

Works best when printed on cardstock / heavier print paper.

Printable Jellyfish Mask Template

Scissor Skills Jellyfish Craft

This wonderful craft will turn out best if you make the jellyfish body and tentacles in different colors. This can be done either by printing the template on papers in different colors or having the kids color in the templates by themselves.

Two sizes are included so these are suitable for younger kids too. Great for cutting beginners as the body of the jellyfish slightly curvy but big enough so it’s easy to cut, while the tentacles are made by straight cuts only.

A fun summer craft for preschool and kindergarten.

Jellyfish Crafts for Kids With Printable Template