Hidden Letter I Worksheets

Do your kids know their letter I? If they struggle with recognising the letter, either the uppercase or lower case this hidden image letter I worksheets offer a nice way to better memorise this letter of the alphabet.

Two hidden image worksheets are in this set, both focusing entirely on the letter i. Grab a pink, brown, blue and yellow crayon and have your students color through the grid, following the color key. As they find and color all the uppercase and lower case letters I and image of the capital I on one and lower case i on the other worksheet will appear.

Printable Hidden Image Letter I Worksheets


Find the Letter I Worksheets

A letter hunt is always a pack of fun for the little ones. Keep your kids learning the ABC’s with this set of find the letter I worksheets. There are two pages in the set – one with a capital letter I and one with a lowercase letter I.

Kids need to find the I’s among a bunch of letters, and circle them with a marker. While searching for the correct letters, kids will strengthen their letter recognition skills in a fun way. As I is for igloo, they can color all the images of igloos too.

Cut and Paste Letter I Worksheets

Cut and paste the acoustic guitar, cold ice cube, hot iron, flying kite, a delicious ice cream, high palm, cold igloo, and majestic dinosaur. These alphabet worksheets focus on the I beginning sound.

Ice cube, iron, ice cream, and igloo go into the letter I column. As they identify the images – ice cube, iron, ice cream, and igloo let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – i is for ice cube, i is for iron, i is for ice cream, and i is for igloo.

Guitar, kite, palm, and dinosaur go into the not letter I column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for the words guitar, kite, palm, and dinosaur.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Cut and Paste Letter I Worksheets for Kids

Letter I Mazes

The ladybug must be asking herself where her friend the caterpillar is? Can you help her out? Find all the letters I and mark them – either by drawing a line through the boxes, coloring the boxes or even using stickers. As you do the ladybug will be able to find her friend.

These letter I worksheets are great for practicing letter recognition.

Review the Letter I Worksheets

I is for igloo! Review the letter I with these letter I worksheets. Practice tracing words igloo, iron, ice cream, trace the letters I and work on beginning sounds.

There are two worksheets in this letter I review worksheets set.

On the first page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter I along with an igloo
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter I
Word tracing: igloo, iron, and ice cream

On the second page, you will find:
Big lower case and upper case letter I along with writing directions
Letter I writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of anchor, ice cream, igloo, TV, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with the letter I.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter I Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter I Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter I Worksheets

Trace the letter I! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw an igloo. Or an insect, iguana, iron, ice cream, ice or anything else that starts with the letter I.

Two worksheets in this set, lower case I and upper case I.

Instruct your kids to think about all the objects that start with the letter I and have them pick out which one they want to draw.

Draw and Trace Letter I Worksheets for KidsOur draw and trace letter I worksheets will have your kids first warm up their hands as they draw their creation, which will make the tracing practice after run smoother.

Cut and Paste a Letter I Worksheets

If you need an engaging activity for your kids to work on their letter I recognition you just have to give this build a letter i alphabet worksheets a try.

Your students will be cutting, sorting and pasting the 3 puzzle pieces to build up a lower case i as well as an upper case I.

Cut and Paste Letter I Worksheets

Letter I Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter I Color by Letter Worksheets for Kindergarten

Keys and sailboats make I’s and i’s are easy with our letter I worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the old key and a cute little sailboat, all by solving this letter i color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the I’s brown and i’s yellow. An image of an old yellow key will appear.
On the second one, the I’s are orange and i’s blue, revealing a beautiful sailing boat. Letter I Alphabet worksheets with yellow keys and orange sailboats await you.

Letter I Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words igloo and iron along with a bunch of I’s and i’s with this set of the letter I tracing worksheets.

The huge cold and icy igloo and new electric iron make this set of the letter I alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital I’s and the capitalized word IGLOO as well as lower case letter i, and the word iron.

Once done tracing kids can color huge cold and icy igloo and new electric iron image (light ray for the igloo, and purple for the iron, or any other color).

Letter I Tracing Worksheets

Letter I Worksheets

Letter I Alphabet Worksheets for Kindergarten

Learn the letter I by solving this set of alphabet worksheets. It includes 8 different pages and is great for kindergarteners as well as preschoolers.

The set includes a lot of tracing, coloring, and writing of the letter I. Each exercise will improve your kid’s pre-writing skills and letter recognition.

On the first page, kids need to identify and color those objects that start with letter I. The second page is tracing the upper and lowercase letters.

On the third page, kids need to find all the “I’s” and “i’s” and circle them with their marker. The next worksheet is a color by letter activity, where the hidden image will reveal after coloring the correct areas.

Continue to the next worksheet where kids need to follow the “letter I” to finish the path out of the maze.

On the next two pages, the emphasis is on uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids need to trace the letters as the guide shows and try to write the letter on their own in the last blank row.

The last worksheet includes 3 simple sentences where kids need to find all the letters I, and color them with their best crayons.

Letter I Alphabet Worksheets