Hidden Letter P Worksheets

Have your red, black, orange and purple crayon ready as this hidden image letter p worksheets call for those colors.

Have your students look at the color key and identify the upper case and lower case letters P and color them accordingly.

A great worksheet for letter P revision and for the letter of the week.

Printable Hidden Image Letter P Worksheets

Find the Letter P Worksheets

Working on the letters of the ABC and need some fun material? Let’s seek and find all the P’s and p’s and circle them with a marker. Kids can use any other coloring supplies or even daubers to mark the letters P.

These letter P worksheets are great for practicing letter recognition and with 2 worksheets in this set young learners will get to learn about both the upper case P as well as a lowercase one.

After they’re done, they can color the pencils and make them as colorful as they want.

Cut and Paste Letter P Worksheets

Cut and paste the adorable little ladybug, new calculator, huge pumpkin, cute pig, beautiful peacock, new pencil, old clock, and happy dolphin. These alphabet worksheets focus on the P beginning sound.

Pumpkin, pig, peacock, and pencil go into the letter P column. As they identify the images – pumpkin, pig, peacock, and pencil, let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – p is for pumpkin, p is for pig, p is for peacock, and p is for a pencil.
Ladybug, calculator, clock, and dolphin go into the not letter P column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for ladybug, calculator, clock, and dolphin.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Letter P Mazes

Where could the caterpillar be? The ladybug must be worried so it’s best to quickly help her find her way through this letter maze. Follow the path of letters P and the way through the maze will show.
3 fun mazes to solve in this letter P worksheets set, one focuses entirely on the capital letter P, the second one will have the kids practice letter recognition of lower case P and a third one will have a mix of both.

Review the Letter P Worksheets

P is for pumpkin! Review the letter P with these letter P worksheets. Practice tracing words pumpkin, pig, pencil, trace the letters P and work on beginning sounds.

Two pages included with many different exercises.

Page 1:
Big lower case and upper case letter P along with a pumpkin
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter P
Word tracing: pumpkin, pig, and pencil

Page 2:
Big lower case and upper case letter P along with writing directions
Letter P writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of pencil, pumpkin, balloon, and cake, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with letter P.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter P Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter P Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter P Worksheets

Trace the letter P! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a pencil. Or a pig, peacock, pumpkin, penguin, parrot, panda, pizza, pot, pineapple, pear or anything else that starts with the letter P.

Two alphabet worksheets in this set, upper case P and lower case P.

Print the draw and trace letter P worksheets and pass them to your class. Offer a nice variety of crayons and talk about all the things that start with the letter P.

As kinds name a nice number of objects, ask them to each draw their favorite one. Once done, move to tracing the letter P.

Your students will be writing the letter P independently in no time.

Draw and Trace Letter P Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter P Worksheets

Cut and Paste Build a Letter P Worksheets

Cutting with scissors and pasting with glue transforms a regular worksheet into an engaging and fun one. If your little learners are just starting their letter recognition or you are working on letter of the week, these build a letter P worksheets are here to help your little ones learning the letter P the fun way.

With one puzzle piece already in its place, your students need to cut out the 3 remaining puzzle pieces at the bottom of the worksheet and carefully paste them into the correct spots. As they complete this letter puzzle, an upper case letter P will reveal itself on one of the pages and the lower case letter P on the other. Finish up with a coloring session, having your kids color in the letter outline.

Cut and Paste Letter P Worksheets

Letter P Color by Letter Worksheets

Trees and woman silhouettes make P’s and p’s easy with our letter P worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the large old tree and a silhouette of a woman, all by solving this letter p color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the P’s brown and p’s green. An image of a beautiful tree will appear.
On the second one, the P’s are black and the p’s purple, revealing a silhouette of a woman. Letter P Alphabet worksheets with green trees and black woman’s silhouettes await you.

Letter P Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter P Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words pencil and pumpkin along with a bunch of P’s and p’s with this set of letter P tracing worksheets.

The fine and sharp wooden pencil and a big pumpkin make this set of letter P alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital P’s and the capitalized word PENCIL as well as lower case letter P by tracing p’s and the word pumpkin.

Once done tracing kids can color the fine and sharp wooden pencil and big pumpkin image (black and yellow for the pencil, and orange for the pumpkin, or any other color).

Letter P Tracing Worksheets

Letter P Worksheets

Practice the beginning sounds and letter P with this fun alphabet worksheet set. The pages are great for kindergartners, as they simple and fun to solve.

The worksheets offer a bunch of skill strengthening activities, such as tracing letters, coloring, and writing.

On the first page, kids need to recognize the images, find out which ones begin with the letter P, then color those images. Panda, pig, pumpkin, pencil and peacock will be colored, while guitar and cake will not be colored.

The second worksheet is a great pre-writing practice of upper and lowercase letter P. Kids will be tracing the dotted lines of the letters, trace the word “pot” and color the image.

Continue to the third page, where kids need to find and circle all the P’s they can see.

The next one is a color by letter worksheet. Young learners need to find the letter P and color that area with a green marker.

There is never enough letter recognition practice – encourage your students to follow the letter P all the way from start to finish in order to solve the maze on the next page.

On the next two worksheets, the focus is on uppercase and lowercase letters. Each page is dedicated to one of them. Kids will be tracing the lines of the letter P and have the opportunity to write these letters on their own into the last blank row.

The last worksheet has 3 simple sentences with images. The goal is to find all the letters P and color them with a marker.

Letter P Alphabet Worksheets