Hidden Letter X Worksheets

Hidden Image Letter X Worksheets

On the first of these hidden image letter x worksheets your students will be using the yellow crayon to color the upper case letters X and orange crayon to color the lower case letters X, as they color them all a big letter X will appear on the grid.

On the second worksheet from the set, the kids will be using blue and brown crayons to reveal a lower case letter X.

Printable Hidden Image Letter X Worksheets

Find the Letter X Worksheets

These find the letter X worksheets will come in handy for morning work, early finishers or as for homework, as they are fun and easy to solve. The worksheets include upper and lowercase letter X.
Within the outlines of the capital and small-cap letter X, there are a bunch of different letters. Kids need to recognize X’s and x’s and circle them with their markers. They can also use daubers to mark the letters X. X is for xylophone, so after they’re done, they can have more fun coloring the xylophones in whatever color they see fit.

Cut and Paste Letter X Worksheets

Cut and paste the wooden xylophone, uppercase letter X, lowercase letter X, and X-ray. These alphabet worksheets focus on the X beginning sound.
Xylophone, letter X, letter x, and X-ray go into the letter X column. As they identify the images – xylophone, letter X, letter x, and X-ray let them say the words out loud and ask them to identify the beginning sound – x is for xylophone, x is for letter X, x is for X-ray.
Bat, bin, acorn, and spider go into the not letter W column. Ask them what the beginning sounds are for bat, bin, acorn, and spider.

The second sheet is all about sorting letters.

Letter X Mazes

Working on ABC’s and need fun revision materials? These letter X mazes will help your kids with their letter recognition skills for sure. Help the ladybug find the caterpillar by following the letter X through the mazes.

Kids can use their best crayons, daubers, or any other coloring supply and color the path of boxes that guide through the letter maze.
This set of letter X worksheets includes 3 worksheets. On the first one, kids will be drawing a path through lowercase letters X, the second one includes uppercase letters X, and the last one has a mix of both “X’s” to follow.

Review the Letter X Worksheets

X is for x-ray! Review the letter X with these letter X worksheets. Practice tracing words x-ray, Xmas, xylophone, the letters X and work on beginning sounds.

Two pages included with many different exercises.

Page 1:
Big lower case and upper case letter X along with a x-ray
Letter tracing practice
Find the letter X
Word tracing: x-ray, Xmas, and xylophone

Page 2:
Big lower case and upper case letter X along with writing directions
Letter X writing practice
Beginning sound practice – images of xylophone, fork, magnifying glass, x-ray, and kids need to color in the pictures starting with letter X.

Working on the whole alphabet at the same time? Grab this resource as a handy alphabet bundle here.

Letter X Worksheets - Alphabet Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter X Worksheets

Draw and Trace Letter X Worksheets

Trace the letter X! But first, warm up your kid’s hands by having them draw a xylophone. Or an x-ray or anything else that starts with the letter X.

Two worksheets in this set, lower case X and upper case X.

X is a bit tricky as not many things start with the letter X, and drawing them can be a bit tricky too.

Showing the kids how to draw some of the objects – like an x-ray of a fish can make this one easier. Unlike other worksheets, we also included additional two worksheets that instruct the kids to draw something that contains a letter X, so options like a box, fox, ox become a possibility too, along with other options.

Draw and Trace Letter X Worksheets for Kids

Cut and Paste a Letter X Worksheets

Cut and paste until you build a letter X. These fun alphabet worksheets are great for kids who are just starting their letter recognition process. They can also be used for letter revision and are a fun activity to wrap up the letter of the week.

Have the kids cut the 3 missing puzzle pieces and paste them into the correct rectangles to build a letter X. X and x come on a separate sheet.

Cut and Paste Letter X Worksheets

Letter X Color by Letter Worksheets

Silhouettes and sailboats make X’s and x’s easy with our letter X worksheets.

Two images to uncover, the large man’s silhouette and a beautiful sailboat all by solving this letter x color by code worksheet.

On the first sheet, kids will color the X’s orange and x’s brown. An image of a men silhouette will appear.

On the second one, the X’s are red and the x’s blue, revealing a beautiful sailboat. Letter X Alphabet worksheets with an orange man’s silhouettes and red sailboats await you.

Letter X Color by Letter Worksheets

Letter X Tracing Worksheets

Trace the words x-ray and a xylophone along with a bunch of X’s and x’s with this set of the letter X tracing worksheets.

The diagnostic x-ray and a lovely colorful and wooden xylophone make this set of the letter X alphabet worksheet more engaging.

Trace capital X’s and the capitalized word X-RAY as well as lower case letter x and the word xylophone. Once done tracing kids can color the diagnostic x-ray and a lovely colorful and wooden xylophone image (black for the x-ray, and yellow, orange, green, purple, and red for the xylophone, or any other color).

Letter X Tracing Worksheets


Letter X Worksheets

Which words begin with a letter X? How to write this interesting letter? Your students will learn it all in this set of worksheets.

The alphabet letter X set includes 8 pages, is appropriate for kindergartners and is easy to solve.

The first page has 9 different objects on it. Students need to identify them and figure out which ones begin with the letter X, then color those images.

On the second page, they will be tracing upper and lowercase letter X. At the bottom, they will trace the word “x-ray”.

The third page includes a bunch of letters in different fonts. Kids need to use their letter recognition skills, find the X’s, and circle them with a marker.

The next one is a fun color by letter worksheet. Kids will use their black markers and color the areas that include the letter X to reveal a hidden image.

Continue strengthening your student’s letter recognition skills with a letter maze. They need to follow the uppercase and lowercase letters and draw a line over them to solve the maze.

Concentrating only on capital letters, this worksheet will guide your kids through the formation of letter X, how to properly write it, and will encourage them to write the letter by themselves.

On the next page, kids will also trace the letter X, only this time, the X will be in a lowercase form.

The final page includes 3 simple sentences decorated with images. Kids need to find all the letters X in those sentences and color them with their best marker.

Letter X Alphabet Worksheets