Silly Lion Coloring Page

Coloring Page Silly Lion

Coloring this silly lion coloring page is fun. The design is made for younger and older kids, as younger ones can easily color in the big areas while older ones will enjoy the silliness of the lion.

This animal coloring page will make a nice addition to when you are teaching your kids / students all about lions.

Kids can choose any color the like or try to mimic the realistic colors of a lion when coloring – the yellow and the brown one.

Silly Lion Coloring Page

Printable Lion Mask Template

Transform your classroom into kings of the jungle! This cool looking printable lion mask will have your kids roaring.

Easy no prep activity that’s great for any time of the year – simply print the masks, have the kids color in the coloring page mask (or print the pre colored ones), cut holes for the eyes, punch two tiny holes for the string and tie up an elastic. Combine with our other animal masks for maximum fun.

Recycling tip: have the kids bring in empty cereal boxes (or similar boxes) and have them glue the mask on the ceral box instead of using cardstock paper.

Printable Lion Mask Template

Heart Lion Card for Valentines Day

Heart Lion Craft for Kids

You need a courageous heart to give someone a Valentines day heart, so why not make it a lion heart shaped one? This simple heart lion craft is perfect to make at home or in the classroom.

You can either have the students color in all the parts of the template with crayons or markers or they can also use the template for this lion craft as stencil to trace on the construction paper (we recommend orange, yellow and brown).

Simple instructions are included on the sheet.

Heart Shaped Animals – Valentine’s day crafts.

V-day Card Heart Lion Craft for Kids