Printable Pirate Mask Template

Ahoy matey! Time to be a pirate! Celebrate the Talk like a pirate day (September 19) with these pirate masks or use them at any other time of the year as pirates are always fun, arrr.

Female pirate and male pirate are included in this set. Both female and male pirate masks come in full color with a couple of different skin tones to choose from as well as a black and white coloring page pirate mask that kids can color in by themselves. Eye patch can be drawn on the mask too to make it even cooler.

Silly Pirate Coloring Pages

Silly Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids

Your students or kids will love these silly pirate coloring pages as they are simple and fun to color.

The collection includes 8 different pirates, both boy pirates and girl pirates included. Bring up those colorful crayons and let your kids dress these fearless pirates in vivid colors.

These pages are perfect at summer parties, for a pirate-themed week, or just to keep the young ones occupied for some time anywhere.

Silly Pirate Coloring Pages

Printable Pirate Activity Book

Fun to use during summer or for talk like a pirate day (or any other day of the year) this printable pirate quiet book covers a good range of basic skills.

Print, laminate and assemble (simple instructions are included for each activity).


  • colors by matching mermaid tails to mermaids
  • count by counting the number of leaves on palm trees and matching the right treasure chest with them
  • shapes by matching sparkly gemstones with their outlines
  • match the silhouettes to complete the treasure map
  • build a pirate – swap different eyes and mouth and beard to make the coolest pirate ever
  • explore simple patterns by completing a series of gemstones
  • practice telling time with the coolest pirate clock – switch up the numbers on the digital clock and match the time by moving the clock hands on the compass clock
  • money: how many coins? Place the coins inside the chest to match the value
  • ABC – bring out your dry erase markers and trace your way through the alphabet

Works best when laminated or used with page protectors. Kindergarten and preschool age appropriate.

Printable Pirate Activity Book