Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Let kids go on an Arctic adventure with our set of polar bear coloring pages that are perfect for kids of all ages!

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

The printable polar bear coloring pages include 20 designs.

From adorable bears wearing winter hats to exploring icy landscapes and wandering at night, each page is a canvas awaiting your kid’s creativity, promising hours of joy and artistic exploration.

After your kids are finished, these pages can become festive decorations, too! Hang them on walls, use them as placemats, or even frame them to showcase your winter-themed artistry.

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Polar Bear Coloring Sheets

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Template

Greet winter using our Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Template.

This polar animal is easy, super fun to craft, and great for a younger audience.

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Template

The set includes three different templates. The first is a tracing template – kids need to cut out the shapes, trace them, use pompoms, and glue the parts onto the paper roll.

The following two templates contain printable parts of the bear.

You can choose to make the paws, nose, and tail with pompoms or cut the template’s feet and nose.

Of course, you can make two different bears – follow our step-by-step instructions in the set.

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

These silly polar animals coloring pages are perfect during the winter days, or simply any time of the year when you need to keep the little hands busy.

The collection includes 4 different polar animals for your kids or students to color in.

There is a seal, a polar bear, a walrus, and a killer whale. Each design is simple enough for the youngest kids and older ones to color it in.

This animal coloring pages collection a perfect addition to the arctic animals unit in class or as home entertainment.

Silly Polar Animals Coloring Pages

Polar Animals Pop Up Cards Template

In this set you will find:

  • penguin pop up card
  • polar bear pop up card
  • walrus pop up card
  • baby seal pop up card
  • orca / killer whale pop up card

All of these cards come as pre colored cards that just need some cutting and gluing to get them into action, as well as black and white outlines / coloring pages that kids can color in however they see fit.

These are a fun addition to your polar animals theme – they are a low prep activity that doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Great if your are looking for a polar animals craft (penguin craft, walrus craft, seal craft, killer whale craft or polar bear craft).

We recommend printing on cardstock paper for better durability.

Polar Animals Pop Up Card Templates

Printable Polar Bear Mask Template

Exploring and learning about polar animals? While penguins and polar bears don’t live together there is nothing wrong if kids pretend play for them to be friends.

This polar bear mask is a nice addition to your arctic and antarctic animals study (also grab the penguin mask from our library). Best printed on heavier print paper / cardstock.

Printable Polar Bear Mask Template