Printable Christmas Pop up Card Templates

We love making pop up cards, so we are happy to share this Christmas pop up cards collection with you – grab a Santa pop up card, a reindeer pop up card, an elf pop up card and a snowman pop up card.

Print out this Christmas craft, either the precolored templates or the full color ones and let the holiday fun begin.

Christmas Pop Up Cards - Reindeer, Santa, Elf and Snowman

Halloween Pop up Card Template

Need a fun and easy Halloween craft idea? These Halloween pop up cards are great boredom busters either for a afternoon crafting at home or to make in the classroom.

We’ve made 3 different Halloween monsters for this set – a vampire with cool looking fangs, a wicked witch and a jack o lantern pumpkin.

If you are throwing a classroom Halloween party or a Halloween party for kids at your home, these make a great addition to your crafting station.

Easter Pop Up Cards Template

Make Easter fun with these two cool Easter pop up cards.

If you are searching for a fun no prep Easter craft, then this pop up cards are pretty great. It’s a great project to introduce your kids to the art of pop card making and a fun project at that.

Two fun cards included, one bunny craft and one chick craft, make one or both, both are equally fun.

Easter Pop Up Cards - Printable Easter Craft

Polar Animals Pop Up Cards Template

In this set you will find:

  • penguin pop up card
  • polar bear pop up card
  • walrus pop up card
  • baby seal pop up card
  • orca / killer whale pop up card

All of these cards come as pre colored cards that just need some cutting and gluing to get them into action, as well as black and white outlines / coloring pages that kids can color in however they see fit.

These are a fun addition to your polar animals theme – they are a low prep activity that doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Great if your are looking for a polar animals craft (penguin craft, walrus craft, seal craft, killer whale craft or polar bear craft).

We recommend printing on cardstock paper for better durability.

Polar Animals Pop Up Card Templates

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card

This pop up card makes for a great Chinese New Year craft. Show your appreciation for this holiday with this fun craft.

This pop up card template comes both as a precolored Chinese dragon and as a black and white coloring page template that kids can color in themselves how they see fit.

The template also comes in 3 different sizes, so you can print the one best suiting your needs.

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card

Printable Shark Pop up Card

This shark is ready to take a bite! Make the coolest shark pop up card with your kids – this little craft is quick and easy to make and it’s made to entertain.

Print the template (multiple sizes available both in full color and black and white), color if you printed the black and white version and cut around the card. Also cut a rectangle out of red construction paper in the same size as the card. Fold both in half. Cut along the zig zag line between the teeth, make a couple of folds, add a dab of glue and you are done. A wonderful summer craft or a shark week craft for shark fans.

Shark Pop Up Card Printable Template

Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Craft Card

One of the coolest Mother’s day crafts kids can make – make a twist and pop Mother’s day card.

Both 1 kid and optimized for printing classroom craft edition PDF’s for this project are included.

Printable instructions are included in the PDF.

Mother's Day Twist and Pop Card Template