Count and Color Worksheets 1 to 5

Count and Color Worksheets 1 to 5

These counting worksheets focus on numbers from 1 to 5. Let your students or kids examine the given number in each row and color the corresponding number of objects.

Great for morning work and revision of numbers from one to five in preschool.

Count and Color Worksheets for Preschool 1 to 5

Summer Color by Number – Color by Code

This set of color by number worksheets is a pack of fun for your kids or students and a great way to either learn about numbers or do number revision.

Number recognition will be fun with these summer worksheets.

Kids will be identifying numbers all up to 5 while having fun coloring the summer scenes which makes these great for preschool.

Included in this set are designs of a beach, ice creams, caterpillar and a ladybug, a sun, and a sailboat at the sea.

Summer Color by Number - Worksheets

Summer Color by Letter – Color by Code Worksheets

This summer color by letter worksheets set is great for letter recognition practice. Color by code worksheets provide an engaging learning experience as kids love this type of activities.

Recognising letters is an important skill at an early age, so these pages will be just perfect to start with. This set of worksheets focuses on upper-case letter recognition.

They can be used with preschoolers as well as older kids. They can also be used to review your students’ ABC’s.

There are five different summer-themed pages.

When coloring by letter, students will be revealing the hidden summer themed image.

On the first page, they will reveal a beach with an umbrella, a beach ball, and a sun. The second page includes 3 different ice creams. On the third page, there is a caterpillar and a ladybug on the grass. The fourth page has a sun with sunglasses to color. And on the last page, there is a sailboat.

Summer Color by Letter - Preschool Worksheets