Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft Template

Ready to make your own Xmas card? We got an easy-to-make Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft Template.

Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft

The set includes 2 versions – a full colored one and printer-friendly version kids can color on their own.

This Christmas pop-up greeting card is super easy to make and we bet kids will love how the Santa Claus pops out of the card.

Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Craft Template

Easy Christmas Paper Craft Template

Celebrate your holidays by printing out Easy Christmas Paper Craft Template. Kids will love it, as it is super easy to assemble and fun to make.

Easy Christmas Paper Craft

The set includes 2 versions – a printable Christmas template for tracing and a full colored one ready to but out and assemble.

You will need only a few materials to craft your Santa’s clothes and hand them up on a string. Instructions on how to cut and put together the pieces are provided.

This easy paper craft is perfect as a gift, too; you can write “Merry Xmas” or anything you want onto the card after you’re done.

Easy Christmas Paper Craft Template

Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card Template

Santa in a Chimney Pop up

What if Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney? Make this fun Christmas pop up card and have kids discuss all the different ways they would help get Santa unstuck.

Santa in a Chimney Pop up

Print the template of this Christmas craft, either the fully colored Christmas card or the black and white one the kids will need to color in first. The card is best printed on heavier print paper, but regular print paper will do just OK:

Cut out the card and Santa Claus legs, also cut a rectangle larger than the card template. Fold the card, make a cut and a fold or two more, stick the card on the base card (larger rectangle you cut) and stick the legs inside the chimney. Easy and fun.

Stuck Santa in A Chimney Christmas Pop up Card Template

Printable Ms. Santa Mask Template

Mrs Santa Claus Mask

Santa Claus could not have done it all by himself, he needs the support and help of his beloved Mrs. Claus. What are all the fun things that she could be doing in their home and workshop in the North Pole? Let the kids put up these fun Christmas masks and use their imagination to show what Mr. Claus is all about.

This printable mask comes in 3 versions – one in black and white that kids can color all by themselves and two pre colored ones.

Printable Mrs Santa Claus Mask Template

Printable Santa Mask Template

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Put on a Santa Claus mask and bring gifts to your closest friends and family.

With these Christmas masks your kids or students can pretend to be mr. Santa! Let them plan their gift delivery around the globe or make a Nice and Naughty list for this year. Lots of fun ways to pretend play with this printable mask.

Comes in black and white mask template to color and a variety of skin tones.

Printable Santa Claus Mask Template