Pumpkin Shape Matching

Have fun learning about shapes with our Pumpkin Shape Matching activity.

The set is perfect for pre-K and kindergartners who are starting to work on naming shapes and shape recognition skills.

Halloween Pumpkin Shape Matching

There are 8 different shapes in this set: a circle, a square, a star, a triangle, a heart, a rectangle, an oval, and a diamond.

Children need to match the small images and place them onto the bigger matching pumpkin that has the same shape.

You can glue the smaller images on clothespins, or you can use Velcro dots for the purpose.

Pumpkin Shape Matching

Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

Learn basic shapes with a help of this ladybug shape matching activity. It’s perfect for spring, easy to assemble, and great for kindergartners.

Ladybug Shape Matching

The set includes two pages with a ladybug on the first page and seven shapes on the second one. Cut out all the shapes: a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a diamond, a circle, an ellipse, and a trapezoid.

Your ladybug shape matching activity is ready. To make it last longer, laminate the first page and the pieces.

Place the black shapes onto the accurate positions on a ladybug.

Ladybug Shape Matching Activity

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities

Do your kids need to work on numbers and essential math skills? No worries, we got a printable Christmas Pre-K, and K Activities set to help them out.

This set includes four pages of activities.

On the first page, kids will need to recognize numbers from 1 to 4 and color by number the lights on the Christmas tree.

The second page is all about counting objects – students need to count the same images, then write how many there are. They’ll be counting Christmas hats, Gingerbread Men, candy canes, Xmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree lights, and trees.

Continue to the fourth page, where children will make patterns out of four different Gingerbread Men. Cut out the 16 images, and have them make different patterns. This activity will improve their pattern recognition skills.

And on the last page, there are four different present shapes kids need to recognize and connect them with their words with a line. After they finish, they can trace the words and the shapes with a marker.

Christmas Pre-K and K Activities