Pumpkin Big or Small Mini Book

Enjoy coloring your own Pumpkin Big or Small Mini Book while learning about sizes.

This booklet will be excellent for Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin Shape Matching

There are 12 pages of this mini-book (including the front cover).

To assemble the book, print out all of the pages.

There are two booklet pages printed on one sheet of paper and cut them out.

Once all pages are cut, place them one on top of the other and staple or bind them together.

Pumpkin Shape Matching

Cut and Paste – Order the Shapes by Size Worksheets

Sort the shapes by size, either by smallest to largest or from largest to smallest. There’s cutting and pasting involved which makes these worksheets way more fun for kids to do.

Both color and black and white version included. Cut and Paste - Order by Size - Shape Worksheets