Star Outline Templates

Star Outline Templates

Get ready for a starry adventure with our neat star outline templates. From itsy-bitsy stars that twinkle like magic to giant outlines that grab your attention, this set has stars of all sizes to meet your crafting needs!

Star Outline Templates

The set includes four different star designs, each on a separate sheet with 28 pages altogether.

Each design comes as a giant star (a printout of a star on 1 page), an extra big star design (2 stars on a sheet), a big star template (4stars on one page), a medium star design (6 stars on one printable sheet), a small star printout (including 12 stars), extra small star outlines (with 20 stars on a page), and a mixed sizes star outline template (with various star sizes on one sheet).

Kids will have tons of fun crafting with our starry collection!

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Printable Star Outline Templates