Disguise a Turkey Project

Disguise a Turkey Printable Template

Disguise a turkey is a fun Thanksgiving craft and writing activity that is perfect to either make in the classroom or to send out to parents to make with their kids at home.

Disguise a Turkey Printable Template

Our printable template takes this project to a whole new level! There are multiple versions of the template, allowing kids to express their creativity to the fullest (there’s a blank turkey template where kids can create a disguise from scratch).

There are also a whole lot of mix-and-match printables (many hats, accessories, clothes) that kids color in and stick to their turkeys in many unique ways.

Last but not least, there are also over 25 pre-set character printables that will make disguising a regular turkey into a footballer, witch – or any of the other characters easy peasy.

Two writing papers are also included, allowing the kids to write about their disguises.

We recommend using cardstock for this project; however, the regular print paper will work as well.

Simple instructions are included, as well as handy 3-per-page instructions that can be given to kids to take home.

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Turkey Pinecone Craft Template

Turkey Pinecone Craft

If you have already gathered those rounded woody pine tree cones, we got a craft for you! Use our Turkey Pinecone Craft Template to create a new feathered friend.

It’s super easy and fun to make!

Turkey Pinecone Craft

The set includes one tracing template.

Print out the page, cut out the turkey parts and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Your pinecone turkey will make a neat table decoration for Thanksgiving Day and throughout the fall season.

Have fun creating!

Turkey Pinecone Craft Template

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Sheets

Let your kids color through the abundance of turkeys, delicious treats, and thankful notes that are all included in this wonderful set of Thanksgiving coloring pages.

These printable coloring pages offer endless opportunities for your kids to bring the magic of Thanksgiving to life.

Thanksgiving Day Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 different Thanksgiving coloring sheets.

Each motive brings a different holiday scene – from joly turkeys, pumpkin pies, wagons, fallen leaves, and many others.

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Thanksgiving Day Coloring Pages

Turkey Body Outline Template

Turkey Body Outline Template

We have a creative and fun activity for kids of all ages – a turkey body outline template that can be used in many creative ways!

This set provides a fantastic canvas for kids to express their creativity and explore the world of turkey crafts.

Turkey Body Outline Template

The set includes different templates in black and white and full-colored versions.

You can print two turkey designs simultaneously if you craft in the classroom with multiple students.

Kids can make their turkeys in different ways.

Great ideas to use other materials would be gathering colorful fall leaves outdoors and gluing them as feathers onto the template or using colored paper or torn paper.

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Turkey Body Outline

Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

Printable Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

Want to join us in making a Disguise a Turkey Agamograph? Draw your design, create an optical illusion and hide the turkey.

Printable Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

The set includes 12 pages of turkey-themed content.

Kids will create their hidden image by drawing the second image of the agamograph.

This way, the agamograph will show a turkey from one point of view and the design your kids made from another perspective.

After they finish, they can hop into a creative writing project.

The format of the writing assignment is created with a bulletin board display in mind so you can display them under each agamograph

On the last two pages, you’ll find the voting ballots and award ribbons for the best turkey disguise that can also be a great addition to this project.

Have fun with our Thanksgiving Day Craft.

Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

Turkey – Color by Shape

This turkey color by shape worksheet is great for preschoolers and kindergartners as it includes large areas for coloring and simple design of a turkey.It’s great to use for Thanksgiving or at fall time.

The page includes the following shapes: a triangle, a rectangle, a circle, a square, and a pentagon.

Kids will need a yellow, brown, pink, red, and orange coloring supplies to solve the worksheet.

Turkey Color by Shape Worksheets

Turkey Coloring Page

This turkey coloring page is perfect for Thanksgiving Day and fall season.

There are no rules when it comes to coloring this turkey, so have them choose the colors they see fit.

This coloring page is great for preschoolers, kids in kindergarten, and older ones who love to color.

The page includes wide areas for coloring and a few details, so it is perfect to strengthen those important fine motor skills.

Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey Color by Code Subtraction Within 10

Have your kids do some fun subtraction within exercises by giving them this turkey color by code worksheet.

Kids need to solve simple subtraction problems in order to color the turkey in the correct colors.

This worksheet is great for Thanksgiving Day or when you need to keep the little hands busy for a bit.

This color by code worksheet is appropriate for younger and older kids who love to color and have just started to subtract numbers up to 10.

Kids will use a yellow, orange, pink, brown and red coloring supply to finish off coloring the turkey.

Turkey Color by Code Subtraction within 10

Turkey Color by Code Addition Within 5

Help your kids review basic addition with this turkey color by code worksheet.

This page is perfect for Thanksgiving Day or fall season.

This worksheet is great for younger and older kids who love to color and need some simple math exercises.

The page includes horizontal and vertical addition problems, so kids will get to know both forms of summing numbers.

They will need a red, pink, orange, yellow and brown coloring supply to get the job done.

Turkey Color by Code Addition within 5

Turkey Color by Sight Word

This turkey color by sight word worksheet will come in handy when young students are just getting to learn reading their first words.

They are appropriate for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

Kids will get to color a turkey by reading the sight words and color those areas with accurate colors (following the color key at the bottom).

The sight words included in this worksheet are: can, not, play, see, up.

Turkey Color by Sight Word


Turkey Color by Number Sense

If you need some Thanksgiving worksheets to help your child improve number sense with numbers from 1 to 5, this turkey color by code worksheet is the one to help you out.

How do we represent numbers? Well, the answer is – in many different ways.

This worksheet will help your kid to practice 6 different ways how numbers can be shown – with number words, numbers, five frames, finger counting images, tally marks, and dice.

So get those colorful crayons out, and have your kids enjoy coloring this number sense worksheet!

Turkey Color by Number Sense


Turkey Color by Number Word

Improve your kid’s early reading skills by having them solve this turkey color by number word thanksgiving worksheet.

Numbers can be represented in different ways and one of them is writing them with letters.

The worksheet includes numbers from 1 to 5 and is great for pre-K and kindergartners.

Students will use their best coloring supplies and find the sections with the same “number words” and color them with the same color.

The color key at the bottom shows how each section should be colored, so the worksheet is also great practice for following instructions.

Turkey Color by Number Word

Turkey Color by Letter

Introduce your students or kids to letters in a pretty fun way. Practice some of the letters of the alphabet by coloring this feathered friend – a turkey.

This easy to solve color by letter worksheet will be fun for preschoolers or kindergartners as it includes wide areas for coloring.

The turkey color by letter worksheet is great for Thanksgiving Day or for fall season or bird study.

Students must identify the letters before they color the sections. Then they look into the color key at the bottom and find the corresponding color to color in that section.

Children will need a yellow, brown, pink, red and orange crayons to finish the sheet.

Turkey Color by Letter Worksheet for preschool


Turkey Color by Number

This turkey color by number worksheet is great for fall time or to give to kids on Thanksgiving Day.

The page has an image of a turkey divided into sections marked with numbers from 1 to 5.

A simple design is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners as they can practice their counting up to 5 and number recognition skills while coloring the turkey.

Have them grab their best coloring supplies and learn numbers up to five. They will need yellow, brown, pink, red and orange color to solve the worksheet.

Turkey Color by Number - Thanksgiving Worksheet for preschool

Silly Turkey Coloring Pages

Silly Turkey Coloring Pages

These silly turkey coloring pages are fun to color. You can use them as Thanksgiving Day coloring pages or just to keep your kids busy at any other time.

This set of bird coloring pages includes four different turkey designs, from the casual looking turkey to the super silly one (it’s hard to pick out a favorite).
There are no rules when it comes to coloring these birds. Kids can make their feathers really colorful and color their bodies the way they like, or they can just stick to traditional colors.
Printable Silly Turkey Coloring Pages

Printable Turkey Mask Template

Turkeys are a fun theme for Thanksgiving crafts (or fall crafts as this is the season turkeys are the most popular). Surprise your kids or students with a fun mask making project – print the black and white mask and let the kids decorate it on their own. Have them add paper feathers to make the mask even cooler.

The mask comes in both black and white and pre-colored version.

Printable Turkey Mask Template

Turkey Clothespin Puppets

It’s time for silly turkeys! These 4 turkey clothespin puppets desings will be a huge hit both at home or in your classroom. It’s a fun fall craft to make with your kids, it’s easy to set up, quick to make, and a ton of fun to play with.

All that you need to make this project is the printed template, wooden clothespin, glue, scissors and if you will be printing the black and white version of this project your child’s favorite coloring supplies. Simple instructions are included on each printable sheet.

These turkeys make a fun Thanksgiving craft too.

Printable Turkey Clothespin Puppets

Printable Turkey Bookmarks

If you need a quick Thanksgiving craft or a turkey craft to make with your class, these bookmarks are a great fit.

Quick no prep activity that encourages reading. Both pre colored and black and white version to color are included.