Paper Lantern Turtle Template

Enjoy the company of an ancient reptile by coloring and assembling your own Paper Lantern Turtle Template.

The craft is perfect for kids of all ages, and you can decorate your home by hanging it anywhere you want.

Paper Lantern Turtle

Choose among two versions – a printer-friendly one and a full-colored turtle template.

Kids can color the design however they like.

We recommend printing the craft template on heavier print paper – it will look better and last longer.

Have fun for summer and enjoy crafting.

Paper Lantern Turtle Template

Turtle Coloring Pages

We have a bunch of Turtle Coloring Pages for your kids to enjoy the summer.

They will be great for holidays or any other time of the year when you need to keep children busy.

Turtle Coloring Sheets

There are 30 turtle coloring sheets in this set. The collection includes turtles and tortoises in different designs with vast areas for the younger kids and more detailed pages for older ones.

Turtle Coloring Pages

Tortoise and Turtle Clothespin Puppets

Make a couple of chitty chatty clothespin puppet turtles.

This craft is really easy to make, print the template, cut out the turtles and glue them on the clothespin. Press the clothespin and watch the turles move their mouth. This is a great craft to spark imagination with kids and a wonderful addition to story time.

Print the precolored ones or the black and white ones that your kids can color in all by themselves.

Turtle Clothespin Puppet Printable Template

Silly Turtle and Tortoise Coloring Pages

This silly turtle and tortoise coloring pages are great for indoor recess or as a party treat during the summer.

And what is the difference between the two silly reptiles? The tortoises live on land while the turtles spend most of their life in water.

You will get 4 different turtle and tortoise designs in this printable pack.

These pages can come in handy in the classroom during the reptiles unit study or just to keep the young ones busy at home.

Silly Turtle and Tortoise Coloring Pages

Tortoise Coloring Page

Tortoise - Coloring Pages

This tortoise coloring page is perfect for your preschoolers and kindergarteners, especially during the summer break.

The design is easy to color in and will be great during the summer – the turtle and even more fun the sand castle on the turtle really are fun to look at and color.

Tortoise Coloring Pages

Paper Loops Turtle Craft Template

Sweet and simple summer craft for kids – print the paper loops turtle craft template, cut out the turtle body and the rectangle stencil for the loops – make the loops and stick them on the turtle. Press down to form a nicer shell and you’ve got a cool looking turtle.

The body of the turtle can be printed on color paper or on white paper where kids can color it all by themselves.

We included two sizes, one with one turtle per page and one classroom / printer friendly with two turtles per page.

Paper Loops Turtle Craft Idea for Kids

Printable Turtle Mask Template

Turtle Printable Mask

Print this turtle mask on cardstock / construction paper (either in full color or black and white version for kids to color by themselves) and let the under the sea fun adventure begin.

Learn about turtles and tortoises or just have fun.

Printable Turtle Mask Template

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft Template

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft

Perfect little summer craft to make with your kids or a fun activity to go along with a ocean animals study.

This craft uses one of the kids favorite crafting activities – paper weaving – to make the coolest turtle shells ever! You can have the kids use two shades of the same color (or similar ones) or go completely wild with their color selection. No need to stick with just two colors either!

Simple instructions are included on the template.

Great for scissor skills in late preschool and kindergarten.

Paper Weaving Turtle Craft. Simple paper craft for kids.