Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Looking for some cute coloring pages to keep your kids busy? These silly penguin coloring pages will entertain them for quite some time during the cold winter days.
The set includes 4 pages of different penguins to color in.
These winter coloring pages are great for younger kids who can color in the wide areas with their favoritec rayons or markers. The silly looking designs will entertain older kids too.

Printable Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Silly Snowman Coloring Pages

In this set of silly snowman pages, you will find 4 different snowmen designs for your kids to color in. These winter coloring pages are perfect for both young and older children who enjoy having fun with their crayons, markers or other coloring supplies.
They can color in the snowmen’s hats, scarves, buttons and make the whole page as colorful as they can.
After they’re finished, the colored pages can become a pretty decoration to your home or a wonderful display in the classroom.

Printable Silly Snowman Coloring Pages

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Snowman Clothespin Puppets

When your kids can’t play outside and make snowmen, they can still play with snowmen indoors. Print these snowman clothespin puppets and let the fun begin.

These are a great winter craft as well as a Christmas craft project for kids to make. They are finished in no time and offer hours of play time after they are assembled.

There are 4 different snowman designs and each of them comes both in black and white as well as in full color. On top of that, each version also comes both in left and right facing direction. Simple instructions are included on each sheet too.

Printable Snowman Clothespin Puppets

Snow Globe Keepsake Craft Template

Snow Globe Keepsake

Make the most adorable Christmas craft ever! This homemade snowglobe ornament will look equally wonderful sitting on top of your tree or as a display keepsake on your shelf.

It makes for a great classroom Christmas craft as it’s pretty easy to make – the globes use contact paper These are not laminated so no need for you to laminate them, kids can do most of the steps all on their own.

Depending on their age, cutting around the photos might require help from a grown up.

Use photos of kids for the snowglobes or have the kids make drawings of themselves and stick them inside the globes.

Photo Snowglobe Craft Template - Make a Christmas Keepsake or an Ornament

Video tutorial:

Winter agamograph

Winter agamograph

If you are working on the 4 seasons, do add this winter craft to your lesson plan.

It’s a quick and easy activity for kids to make (two different versions are included). Let the kids color their agamographs as they see fit, assemble them and enjoy the changing images.

Winter agamograph

Snowman Card Craft Template

Snowman Card Craft Template

Make the most adorable Christmas craft ever – these lovely cotton ball snowman cards are made to melt hearts. This is the Christmas card for kids to make this year.

Print the template (both PDF template, as well as PNG image that can be placed into PowerPoint, Word or other software where you can add photos inside the snowman’s head before printing available), fill with cotton balls or tissue paper, decorate and gift. These make a great kid made gift for parents for Christmas and are a fun snowman craft for kids to make.

Snowman Craft Template - Lovely DIY Christmas Card