Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

Make the beloved Halloween character pop with these Halloween paper craft templates that combine coloring pages with crafting.

Kids will create holiday-themed 3D paper creations with our unique Halloween paper craft templates.

Halloween Paper Craft Templates

The printable set of templates includes five Halloween crafts for kids.

Kids can create a flying bat, a cute cat with a witches hat, a witch and a cauldron, a field of pumpkins, and a crawly spider.

Each version comes with instructions on how to assemble the craft.

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Halloween Paper Craft

Witch Coloring Pages

Printable Witch Coloring Sheets

Celebrate Halloween by offering your kids a set of Witch Coloring Pages!

From flying ladies on broomsticks, brewing potions, and making spells, the designs vary from the easiest to more detailed.

Printable Witch Coloring Sheets

The set includes 30 Witch Coloring Sheets and will thrill kids of all ages!

Whether you have younger or older kids, this set has something for everyone.

The designs include witches in different scenes, each telling its own story.

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Printable Witch Coloring Pages

Changing Emotions Witch Craft

Let your kids explore all kinds of emotions with this fun-changing emotions witch craft. It’s super easy to assemble and makes for a great conversation starter about coping with different kids of feelings and emotions.

Both pre-colroed and black and white versions are included in this template.

Witch Directed Drawing – How to Draw a Witch

Let’s learn how to draw a well-known Halloween character with our witch directed drawing tutorial.

It’s super easy to follow, and kids get to color it afterward.

Witch Guided Drawing Printable

This set includes two drawing tutorials – one with a space for students to draw the witch on the same paper where the guide is, and a second tutorial without the area for kids to draw (kids will be drawing the witch on a separate piece of paper).

Have fun for Halloween!

How to Draw a Witch Step by Step Tutorial

Moving Eyes Halloween Portraits

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

Decorate your home or your classroom with these fun moving eyes Halloween portraits, as you walk past them the eyes of the monsters will always follow you. How cool is that?

Halloween Monsters Moving Eyes Portraits

4 Halloween monsters are included, everyone spooky jet cute. Let your kids (or you) make a moving eye portrait of a vampire, witch, Frankenstein’s monster or a jack o lantern. Have the kids color in the monsters or have them use the pre-colored templates.

Such a fun Halloween craft to make.

Printable Halloween Puppets Templates

Halloween Puppets

These Printable Halloween Puppets Templates make the coolest Halloween craft of this season! They are incredibly easy to assemble and oh so fun to play around with.

In this set there are 3 Halloween monsters waiting to get chatty – a silly looking witch, a vampire waiting to take a bite at something bloody and the Frankenstein’s monster.

All templates come in both full color and a black and white version that kids can color in by themselves.

Print on cardstock or heavier print paper, cut out, fold along the dashed lines. Apply glue on areas designated for glue and optionally add accessories – hands for all puppets, ears and hat for the witch, bolt ears for Frankenstein’s monster and ears and fangs for the vampire.

Halloween Puppets Templates For Kids

Video tutorial:

Printable Witch Mask Template

Witch mask

This printable witch mask makes a fun Halloween craft project or an addition to story time or dramatic play – it goes along great with stories that include an evil witch (like The Wizard of Oz). Print out our other Halloween masks and put on a fantastic Halloween show.

This mask comes both as a precolored mask and as a black and white witch mask template that kids will need to color in by themselves – which is where the creativity can kick in.

Printable Witch Mask Template

Halloween Emotions Spinners Template

Halloween Emotions Spinners

Explore emotions or just have some fun with our Halloween emotions spinners. A witch, vampire and Jack-o-lantern will guide your kids through a variety of facial expressions and emotions. A fun Halloween craft for kids.

The witch will smile, give an angry look, be scared and in love. The vampire will smile too, give a menacing look, cry tears of sadness and be in love. Jack o lantern has a happy smiley face, sad look, mean look and a surprised one.

These come in full color and black and white for kids to color in. Best printed on heavier print paper.

To assemble, cut the bottom and top part of the paper toy and push the paper fastener through the middle.

Halloween Emotions Spinners With Printable Template

Video tutorial: