All About Shapes Book Mini Booklet

This Mini Book of Shapes focuses on basic 2D shapes. These are great for preschool aged children as well as kindergarten and first grade as there are many areas of focus. There are 9 shapes included, each with it’s own 8 page booklet. All booklets come with both US spelling as well as UK spelling. Shapes included are: circle, diamond/rhombus (both versions included), hexagon, oval, pentagon, rectangle, square, trapezium/trapezoid and triangles. 1st page is a cover page where kids write their name and the shape is shown. 2nd page asks the kids to color the shape with their favorite color, next comes the shape tracing as well as tracing the shape’s name. 4th page will have them draw the other half of the shape. 5th and 6th are all about the number of sides and corners. 7th page will have them find and color a specific shape and last page asks them to draw something that is shaped like a shape given in the booklet.

To make the book, print out all of the pages. There are two booklet pages printed on one sheet of paper. Cut them out, pick out the pages you want to include in your shapes booklet . Once all pages are cut and selected, place them one on top of the other and staple or bind together. Perfect both for learning about shapes and for shape revision.

All About Shapes- Mini Books

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