Apple Activities for Kindergarten

Are your kids getting ready for school? If your kids need some fun printable materials for learning, this set will be perfect.

Enjoy learning with a bunch of apple activities for kindergarten.

Printable Apple Activities for Kindergarten

The set includes 6 pages with different activities.

Get your children to learn about parts of the apple. They’ll need to investigate an apple and place its pieces onto the paper (a leaf, flesh, skin, a stem, seeds, and core).

Laminate the page for multiple uses.

Next, you’ll find a dot-to-dot worksheet; kids need to follow the number order from 1 to 18 by tracing the apple.

Students will be improving their counting to 10 on the next page, where they’ll need to write the accurate number beside the worms.

There is a maze to solve on the fourth page – kids need to draw a line from the worm to the apple.

The next activity is placing pom-poms onto the apple tree – you can use any other pieces, such as stones or playdough. We suggest laminating the page if you want to use it over and over accordingly; kids will need to follow the key and color the apples in the basket on the last page.

Apple Activities for Kindergarten

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