Jobs and Community Helper Puppet Templates

Get ready to bring the bustling world of career options and community helpers to life with our fun printable community helpers puppet templates!

Community Helpers Finger Puppets Template

This comprehensive set, which includes 26 different professions, offers hours of engaging, hands-on fun for children of all ages.

It is available in black and white, and colored versions (two skin tones):

Astronaut, barista, carpenter, doctor, engineer, firefighter, gardener, hairdresser, illustrator, judge, karate instructor, lifeguard, musician, nurse, optician, police officer, quarterback, reporter, scientist, teacher, undercover agent, veterinarian, waiter, X-ray inspector, yoga instructor, and a ZOO keeper.

Assemble each puppet with ease using our simple, step-by-step instructions.

Ideal for classroom projects, homeschooling activities, or fun, these printable community worker puppets spark imaginative play and encourage children to explore various professions while learning about their importance in society.

So gather your crayons, scissors, and glue—it’s time to make some fun puppets.

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Community Helpers Finger Puppets

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