Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets

This dinosaur craft is perfect for dramatic play or story time. Print out our Dinosaur clothespin puppets, choose your favorite dinosaurs and have fun.

There are 12 dinsoaur designs – they all come both in precolored and black and white version for kids to color in themselves and each of the dinosaurs comes both in left facing and right facing position – so you can also glue them on both sides of the clothespin.

Dinosaurs included: 3 triceratops, 4 t-rex (or other biped carnivores like allosaurus, giganotosaurus…), 3 pterodactyls and 2 stegosaurus. Just print, cut and stick on to clothespin.

Printable Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets - Printable Dinosaur Craft for Kids

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