Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

Want to join us in making a Disguise a Turkey Agamograph? Draw your design, create an optical illusion and hide the turkey.

Printable Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

The set includes 12 pages of turkey-themed content.

Kids will create their hidden image by drawing the second image of the agamograph.

This way, the agamograph will show a turkey from one point of view and the design your kids made from another perspective.

After they finish, they can hop into a creative writing project.

The format of the writing assignment is created with a bulletin board display in mind so you can display them under each agamograph

On the last two pages, you’ll find the voting ballots and award ribbons for the best turkey disguise that can also be a great addition to this project.

Have fun with our Thanksgiving Day Craft.

Disguise a Turkey Agamograph

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