Letter B Worksheets

Help your students master the second letter of the alphabet with this letter B worksheets set.

The first page from the set is all about identifying and coloring the objects that start with the letter B. Bike, bird, balloon and boat.

On the next page, kids will be tracing capital and lowercase form of the letter B. These sheets will help your kids to learn how to write the letter B in lowercase and uppercase form. They will also trace the word “banana” at the bottom of this page and get to know how other letters of the ABC’s are written.

On the next one, they need to find all B’s within a bunch of letters and circle them.

Continue and find all the B’s on the next page, color the sections and reveal the hidden image. The last two pages are great for letter recognition.

The next page is a letter maze. Find all the “b’s” and “B’s” to finish it.

On the next two pages, students will learn how to properly write both types of letters and practice fine motor skills at the same time.

The last line on each of these pages are blank, so students can those letters on their own.
To keep them active, encourage them to color all the images in this set.

Letter B Alphabet Worksheets


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