Letter F Worksheets

This great set of alphabet worksheets helps your kids with letter F recognition.There are 8 different worksheets in this set that will help your kids with their phonological awareness.

The first page is for identifying and coloring the objects that start with the letter F. Fork, Flower, frog and fox.

On the next, students will be tracing uppercase and lowercase letters F. There are a few lines resembling the letter F in the top right corner for kids to trace. Drawing different lines is a great pre-writing skill and these ones will definitely help out. At the bottom, kids need to trace the word “fish”.

The following page has a bunch of letters on it. Kids need to find all the F letters and circle them.

The next page is a color by letter page. Kids need to find the letter F and color that area with a red color.

Continue to the fun alphabet maze, where kids need to follow the “f’s” and “F’s” until they get out of the maze.

The next two pages include uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids need to trace and properly handwrite the letters. At the bottom, there is a blank line where they can test their practice and try to write that letter on their own.

And on the last one – young students need to find the letter F within the simple sentences and color them.

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