Letter G Worksheets

Lean the letter G with the help of these engaging alphabet worksheets.

The set is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten.

It includes 8 different pages with a lot of different approaches so finding one best suited for your kids will be easy.

On the first page of the set, kids need to identify and color the objects that start with the letter G. Ghost, guitar and grasshopper are the ones to color, while watch, mouse/rat, hedgehog and log are not.

The next page is a nice introduction to the upper and lowercase letters with a little bit of tracing involved.

The third one has a bunch of letters on it – kids need to find the G’s and circle them with their crayons or other writing tool. This exercise is great for letter recognition.

Continue solving the letter G worksheets and solve the color by letter page to reveal the hidden image.

The fifth page has a letter maze on it. Children need to follow the letter G in order to get out of the maze

Continue to the next two pages where students will be tracing the uppercase and lowercase letter G and writing it on their own in the blank line at the bottom of the page.

On the last worksheet, kids need to find all the G letters in the simple sentences and color them with in.

Letter G Alphabet Worksheets

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