Letter L Worksheets

Working on ABC’s? These fun letter L worksheets will help your students with their letter formation and pre-writing skills.

The alphabet worksheets are perfect for kindergarten, preschool and older kids who need some writing practice.

On the first one, kids need to identify and color the objects starting with letter L. Log, leaf, lock, lamp are to be colored (although the lock can be skipped – keylock). Ice skates, book, zipper, panda and eggplant remain uncolored.

The second page is a nice introduction to upper and lowercase letters. Young learners will trace the letters and the word “lizard” at the bottom of the page.

Continue to the third page, where you’ll find a bunch of letters – kids need to circle all the L’s they can find.

The following page is a color by letter worksheet – color all the areas that include letter L with a green crayon or marker to reveal the hidden image.

Students need to solve a letter maze on the fifth worksheet and draw the line from start to finish throughout all the “L’s” and “l’s”

On the next page, they will be tracing an uppercase letter L, and try to write it on their own in the blank row at the bottom.

Continue to the lowercase letter L and do the same, trace and encourage kids to write the letter by themselves.

On the last page of this alphabet worksheets set, there are 3 simple sentences. Kids need to find all the L’s and color them with their best crayons.

Letter L Alphabet Worksheets


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